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Skins not avalible

Edit - Skins not available (Cant edit title)

Are you for real. You lock all the skins and only make them available if you get your friends to buy the game. How about you unlock most of the skins and have a couple special skins for people who invite friends. I already paid for the game. Now I have to get others to buy so I can get even one new skin. Because of this I recommend no one buys this game. Skins are about 25% of the unlockable items. What a joke. I will be telling people not to buy the game because it.
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Skins were added long after initial release as a reward for players who help strengthen the Altitude community by creating new maps, contributing to the wiki, and introducing the game to friends. Skins have no gameplay implications: you can completely disable this optional cosmetic feature under Options -> Gameplay -> uncheck Show Custom Skins. There are however a great many gameplay unlocks (planes and perks) related to your progress through the game, and each adds variety and depth to the core game experience. I hope you will stick around for the gameplay and game unlocks, but I understand if cosmetic adjustments are a critical feature that you can't live without.

Edit: To clarify, you don't need to get anyone to buy the game to get a skin. Linking a facebook account automatically nets you one skin, and joining the Steam group plus sending the link to a few friends (no purchase necessary for points) will net you another. Community contributions (such as creating new maps) are another good way to get skins.

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You don't need to have somebody buy it for points, you just need to have your friends click a link. Or you can join the Steam group, or connect your Facebook account.
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What is even worse for me is that it doesn't even give points for half the things, I just get invalid ID passed.
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I dont mind the skins system.

Altitude is a great game and encouraging people to spread it and help it populate which it definately needs.

I have 5 skins which i got through group, links and 1 friend who bought after link.

I tried the facebook thing but it didt work...

Although i would say maybe a extra skin unlcoekd at level 60 on ace 10 and even some other ace milestones. But is cool whatever.
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