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Small additions to the game

1. Change the default windows mouse cursor,with something more appropriate like a small round-target image or something.

2. Add some epic music tracks to listen during gameplay .

3. Change the default controls to:
W accelerate
S decelerate
A turn left
D turn rightMouse as it is,is fine.

I know you can customise them,but the default ones are hard to use for newcomers,at least it was for me until I changed it

4. More Team Deathmatch official maps and other play modes.

More to come.

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I am going to ask this here

but is their a limit to custom map sizes?

although sure this a fast paced game i would love to play much bigger maps with some custom game modes which require some strategy to them

tower defense style mode with just 1 base, time based with a control point(cant remember the name of an old game i used to play with this)


loving the game so far though and bargin at £3
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Epic music would be great, but not necessary.

Also, there needs to be a new power-up: The Back Shield. We have the purple front-shield, which works fine, but a lot of damage comes from the back (either Loopy missiles, Biplane fire or Miranda shots), so the Back Shield would be a good defensive addition.

Also, more varied achievements. 90% of them are "Kill X number of enemies while piloting this plane". We need (well, not need, per se, but it would be nice) more achievements like "Electric Firefighter" (Interrupt an enemy's afterburner with the Loopy's EMP). You know, fun little things like that.
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I agree with a CTF mode.

The "back shield" would be interesting, but not necessary.

More unique achievements along the lines of Electric Fighter would definitely be nice. Something like infecting 5 planes with one acid burst, getting a kill with a miranda warp, getting an off-screen kill, etc.
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