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How to modify or add ingame font?

I purchased this game few days ago used by daily deal
Eufloria, this game gave me a fun
thanks developer for made this game

I hope what people know and play this game in my country
so I tried to translate ingame text but failed

add to language option by me on lang.csv

ingame result

as you see ingame text was broken
I need help

if developer doesnt want to translate, I dont try this anymore
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Eufloria doesn't support other symbols than occidental ones. I'm not sure you're trying to do, but you cannot add lines in Korean in the lang.csv and hope this works.

If you really want to translate this game to your language, you have to modify (or create) two files: MPL_00.png and MPL.fnt. The first one is the graphical representation of each symbol and the second contains the values of each one. This is not an easy task for sure.

Other thing you can do is look for a game in Korean with the same kind of files, I mean, one png and fnt files (the same game, of course) and if you're very lucky there won't be problems with the size of the fonts. If you add a png with Korean symbols only, you wont be able to play the game in other language if the png (and the fnt) not includes occidental symbols.

If you want to modify/create both a new png and a fnt files, uses google. Is not easy but, well, it's your only option if all the rest doesn't work.


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Alex May
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If you want to try modding the font, you'll need to use BMFont by AngelCode to export a font with the characters you want in it. Then you'll need to add a column in the lang.csv file with your translation of the language strings. If you succeed, send it to us (contact@eufloria-game.com) and we'll add it to the game
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