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Where are the save files located?

Hey, I was just wondering where the save files for Brink are so I can back up my five characters (3 security, 2 resistance). I'm going to uninstall Brink until it is further developed.

I was so hyped about this game and I enjoyed it at launch but then...it was all the same after awhile. I was so used to the AI and the missions were all starting to get old.

I don't even want to try playing online again because each time I do I get shot then jarateed on by the "randomly wtf" players on there who always shoot you to death when you are incapacitated. Online is just no fun for me.

I appreciate Splash Damage because the developer diaries make it look like they are a very, very dedicated company. Hopefully this game will improve over time.
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BRINK saves characters and such, in the Steam Cloud.
On the disk, they're located at %Steam Directory%\userdata\%number%\22350\remote
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