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TF2 Replay - No Quicktime

Please make Quicktime not a requirement to save TF2 movies.
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I'm not sure as I have yet to care about replays if it requires quicktime. But if it does, I'll have to agree. quicktime is terrible on windows.
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The Quicktime requirement is a joke. Valve couldn't pick a worse closed source badly coded codec pack if they tried. Please refrain from using Apple crap in the future - Why not something open source for starters....
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Guess that answers that question with this new a topic, Steam replays still require QuickTime eh?

Valve, please remove this mandatory requirement and allow the user to have an option here.

I will have no Apple bloatware on my system thank you, but would really like to save some replays from time to time.

How about a server-based option? We pick our settings(do not allow for crazy quality), your servers do the work and make available for download the video files in a much more common and morally acceptable file format?

Please consider this. After all, ~94% of your Windows user base consists of only ~44% of QuickTime using users. Which means ~6%(Mac users) of them NEED to use QuickTime while the other ~94% are forced without reason to use an application that is all but obsolete.

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Originally Posted by Adalace View Post
Please make Quicktime not a requirement to save TF2 movies.


Whole replays or previously-edited takes can be rendered from replay files (.dem) into movie files. In the Replay menu, the player can select the 'Save to Movie' button to bring up the Save options dialog. The filename, resolution and video quality settings can be selected in the dialog, and filesize and time to render estimates are also provided based on the current settings. Checking the 'Show Advanced Options' box displays further options including video codec, render quality, motion blur quality, and an 'Enable Glow Effect' checkbox.

The save feature supports rendering of replay files with two codecs (H.264 and MJPEG-A) with 5 preset resolutions (480p, 720p, 1080p, Web, and iPhone). Alternatively, the replay file can also be saved to raw files in the form of a .tga sequence and an accompanying .wav file. This method renders each frame in the video to an individual .tga file at maximum quality and renders the audio for the scene to a .wav file. The sequence and the audio file can then be encoded together using a video processing program such as VirtualDub (see Help:Replay Editor for further detail).
Neither H.264 nor MJPEG-A require Quicktime for encoding or playback.

I suspect what is happening is that you have Quicktime installed and it has set itself as the default for these files and that's why you THINK the program is required.
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Originally Posted by Zerias View Post
Neither H.264 nor MJPEG-A require Quicktime for encoding or playback.
Try to make a video without quicktime (or the alternative quicktime files) and it will tell you to bugger off till you have them.

Have a look at this post for more information
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Madd the Sane
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The requirement of QuickTime is most likely to do with the Mac port, where QuickTime is a system library. Since QuickTime is cross-platform (Mac and Windows), they probably wanted to kill two birds with one stone and made the Windows port use QuickTime. It's true that the Windows port does need some re-writing (the Mac version has that in the form of QuickTime X, QTKit, and AVFoundation), and apparently Apple thinks so as well (iTunes no longer requires QuickTime on Windows).

As for other methods of encoding h.264, there's libx264. It's open-source and cross-platform. And FFmpeg.
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