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Stuck in the Forest (spoilers)

I've got to the part where Clara and James gave got Cannonball island and have located all 3 compass pieces. However, I cannot navigate the forest with them. The first screen has 2 stumps, only one of which matches a compass piece. Following that direction leads me to another stump where NONE of the compass pieces fit. I understand the compass' and stumps change from game to game, but can anyone help me out on how to to figure this out? I've tried every direction combination of every compass on every stump with now luck.

This thing has me stumped!

(pardon the bad pun)
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You only need the 3 compass pieces that you have to continue further into the game.


You can combine compass pieces while they are in the stump (i.e. place a piece and then place another piece on top of it)
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