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If I have less than 6 minutes played, can I get a refund?

This was a total waste of 12 bucks.
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The chances or steam support giving you a refund is 0.01% (yes, it's rare for them to do such things outside of pre-orders).

In other words, no (most likely).
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I have gotten a refund from Steam before. A game was advertised as multiplayer, so I bought it and found out it wasn't. I sent in a ticket and they asked for proof(which thankfully I had the presence of mind to take screenshots and videos of the page) and they ended up refunding my purchase.

What got to me though was the guy I was talking to in the ticket lectured me on checking the page more thoroughly to make sure it was multiplayer as if I didn't already. My screenshots of the place noting multiplayer weren't enough of a hint to the guy.

Back on topic though, if you just bought the game and they shut it down on you, then I don't see why they shouldn't refund that purchase.
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I'm more or less stuck in the same boat.
The day before yesterday, I had sent a ticket to Steam Support about getting a refund for the game.
But alas, the first thing I see in my mailbox today is that they can't refund the game, despite the fact that the multiplayer is quite clearly dead and absolutely NO support is given to the game.
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