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Angry Creating local game cache files....

Bought this game on the 28JUL11 through Steam and have been trying to install it since then..

I click on "Install" and it gets stuck on "Creating local game cache files" I have left this overnight, and for many hours many many times. And sometimes it comes up with "Steam server to busy to deal with your request" (something along those lines).

It is just this game as I can download other games fine.

I have changed my download region, reinstalled Steam, gone through my computer to find any previous failed attempts of BM:AA folders.

And yes I have searched for this problem and have done all the things the people are guessing that would fix this problem...

Has never got past this point and has not even began to download the game...

Just wondering if anyone else has/had this problem, is there a fix? Or should I give up on Steam and buy a hard copy....
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Wolf Deity
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Hard copies do not help I have been having the same problem with my hard copy of borderlands 2 with no avail.
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