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Cannot save the game?

After a quick search of the forum I can't seem to find anyone else with the same problem, but here's to hoping I suppose --

The game doesn't appear to be saving properly for me. I get the messages at auto-save points notifying me "Saving Game," and I can interact with those weird drawings on the walls. Thing is, no save games are made!
Using the wall things it's very obvious since I click on <save game>, the screen goes black for a second then returns to that same little in-game menu. I'm assuming that a new save game would show up on there, but it's just the same empty list with <save game> at the top.

I don't understand what is happening here but naturally it is frustrating considering I can't get any meaningful length into the game and lose that progress anyway as soon as I quit playing.

I'm playing on Windows 7 64-bit, which according to some posts on the Microsoft forums should be just fine, while it looks like there is a number of bugs associated with using this game on a modern-day system this one does not seem to be mentioned.
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I've managed to fix the problem. Thought I would put it up here in case others run into the same problem. Weird solution I would never have thought of, actually found it on the site of a Cthulhu torrent.

What has fixed it for me is changing my PC's time to the 24 hour clock (rather than am, pm).
Go into the Control Panel; then Clock, Language and Region; under Region and Language click Change the date, time or number format. The option you want to select is HH:mm and HH:mm:ss respectively.
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Help, please!

I read your solution to this problem, as I experience it just like you did, but the problem is I don't have the options you have. Can anyone perhaps give a hint or clue to what is wrong and needs to be done in order to get the saving system functioning, when the solution seems so odd and unrelated (and for me even undoable)?

I am in desperate need of assistance!

Grateful for any help or clues on the matter I can get!

/ Elin
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