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Post Steam Fails to Update / Steam Games Fail to Start

OS: Mac OS X Version 10.6.8
CPU: 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7
Ram: 8 GB 1067 Mhz DDR3
HD: 512 Solid State HD
Internet Connection: V-Sat, I'm in AFG for work. Was told we have about 1Meg down and 512K up.
Steam that fails to update size is: 352.8 MB
Its Location: /Applications
Steam that I downloaded size is: 168.7 MB
Its Location: /Users/<username>/Downloads

I have a couple of issues with steam on the Apple Platform. To start out with, recently Steam fails to update on an update of 37,419 KB in size. This has been happening for a few days now. What happens is that around 33,### KB or something similar the update says "Steam needs to be online to update. Please confirm your network connection and try again." even though I am still online. I searched the forums, and found that a few other folks were having the same issue I had. One thread was about steam failing to update for certain bandwidth throughput, I.E. if you were updating Steam with a dial-up connection it would fail. Another thread I found was one containing a steam.zip that was the latest steam app that was patched. I tried this steam app, and it patched it self and worked, to a degree. I try to run Left 4 Dead 2, however it says it needs to update it self, before it was a 1GB update, now its a whole 12GB update (essentially the game all over again). I have yet to try any other games, as my main objective was to get a local co-op game going, similar to Zombie mode for Black Ops on the 360 (seems you can't do local co-op on the steam version). I just tried it and I was able to launch Spiral Knights and Flight Control HD. The games in my Downloads section is Left 4 Dead 2 (doesn't show up now) and VVVVV, which needs 70 MB, but is not doing anything at all. I just tried to defrag the games, and the program came back saying I need to defrag the system, I'll look into that as a possible issue. Also all the games on Win7 laptop work fine, and Steam works fine also. So my issue seems to be isolated to the Mac Laptop.

I'll be checking this post everyday hopefully I can find a solution to my particular problem.

For extra sympathy effect, the civvies and Air Force guys would really like if this was fixed, also let me know of any other games that are local co-op (one laptop using 2 360 or PS2/3 controllers). The only game I can think of right now is SFIV.
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Same issue. Even worse, mine gets stuck at 3,XXXkb only!!! only a tenth. And "Steam needs to be online to update. Please confirm your network connection and try again". So i did use a different internet (friend's house) and has the same issue. So as my mom's 3G tethering....

I tried my sis' 13" Macbook Pro to see if my Mac is the problem, but no, it's still doesn't install!!!

Is this a Steam issue, anyone else has the same problem as us?
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Originally Posted by BlueSwift View Post
Is this a Steam issue, anyone else has the same problem as us?
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i have the same issue
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Valve appears to be very ignorant about this situation. All my friends are able to install it fine, but just a random (I'm sure there's a cause) percent of us are unable to get it working. It has nothing to do with connection. It fully updates once, then does it again for some reason and fails about 5 MBs before reaching the end (again).

I have been going back and forth with Valve support and they keep telling me answers that don't fix it, the last one being "delete your user account and make a brand new one with admin privileges." I finally got around to doing that, downloaded a new Steam dmg from their website, and same problem.

Most people try it and see "Oh, it doesn't work, whatever."

It's the ones of us who already use Steam, either on a useful perfect Windows computer, or on an other crappy mac where it works. So really we aren't even seeing the majority of the people with the problems. I'm willing to bet around 5% of people have this problem, and it seems
to be happening on different systems (mine being a new Mac "Pro" (with massive sarcasm quotes))
This post didn't help me, but it may help you: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...73&postcount=5

I hope Valve fixes this soon, as it's been a problem for over half a year for me, and many others.

I just hate Apple, and ALL their products, both soft and hardware.

Hopefully they will at least post the error on their support page saying that the solution is currently unknown, or list a few possibilities.
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