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Melee with magic?

Hey there!

I just started the game and got all the elements.

I saw in some videos you could imbue your melee weapon but I just cannot figure out how to use sword magic! I've read online how it's supposed to be done, but it won't work.

I've tried for example putting fire in a slot (press f) and then I shift-leftclick, but nothing happens. Same with all the other elements. I tried pressing shift first and then selecting an element, but same story. I tried out starting the game with various wizards, the one with the hat and the one with the patched robe and the vanilla one but they all give me the same result, I also tried different controls but nothing worked so I put 'em back to default. I just cant use my sword with magic =( Shift-leftclicking works (regular slash), but not when I got an element slotted

Could someone help me out? What did I miss???
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When you say nothing happens, do you mean that the element just doesn't transfer over to your sword?

Do you see the element transfer to your sword? Remember you have to do it TWICE, once to imbue the sword, a second time to actually cast it from the sword. If you do it once, the element gets transferred over and the sword should glow a color representing the element that's on it. From here you can queue up more elements to put on the sword, or if you have no other elements queued, you will cast it.
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Hey there!

Thanks for your reply =)

I meant NOTNING HAPPENED, I just stood there same as if I didn't press anything, but it's all good now!

I just had to walk outside for the first time =) Only then does sword magic get activated Supercool
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Yeah, that's the tutorial. Lots of things don't work at various parts of the tutorial.
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Yup, get out of the tutorial (where you get revive and so on) and then queue up some elements, shift and left click.

Then shift + left click again to cast it.
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Let me tell you my favorite sword magic combo (which I spam incessantly to the dismay of anyone in front of me). *E RQ S A A shift+left click* Drops a row of ice spikes that electrocute enemies and then explode, deals quite impressive damage and it's also versatile. If you're fighting undead, swap S (arcane) with W (life) deals incredible damage to undead. You can swap out the lighting for different elements if you're fighting something that's immune to lightning. I normaly swap A A(lightning) with an extra S(arcane) and R (frost) for the slowdown effect. Mix and match and find out a good combo for yourself. But remember to back up immediately after casting it or the explosion will hit you. Have fun! (add my steam if you want, I'm happy to play Magicka at any time)
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