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Coraline Jones
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Really bizarre achievement problem.

I don't know if this is the right term, but I have "half-awarded" achievements. I've been playing on the 20,000 point campaign (with Triplets mode activated). After winning the campaign, I don't get credit for some reason.

When you click on the game in the game list, it lists your Friends, Achievements, and Recent News under the default Steam window. When I complete a campaign and quit, it will update and say that I have 20 Achievements unlocked, and it shows that I've got Multiplicity and Long November unlocked.

But when I look at my actual Steam profile, it says that I only have 18 achievements unlocked, and Multiplicity and Long November are locked.

This disconnect stays this way until I log out of Steam. When I come back, Steam "forgets" and both lists synchronize to 18/41 achievements unlocked. I have repeated this situation twice now.

This looks like some kind of reporting error, like the achievements unlock but they aren't being reported to the Steam server so it's not recorded permanently.
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When you finish a campaign, start another one : after 1 mission, the previous campaign's achievements will be unlocked in Steam.
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