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MOH airborne video card problems

so i bought MOH airborne a few years back with the 10th aniversary pack and my computer was not all that good so i did not even try to play it, well now its a few years later and i have a new computer so i install it thinking it would work and when i go to play it....what the ? "the video card you are running is not supported" ................ ok....

the video card i have (or think i have) is a intel g45 g43 express chipset. just the basic card that was in the computer when i got it but it works will all games i have played on this computer before. so what im really asking is how do i get moh to work with whatever problem i have here....i will patch it (as i have not yet) and see if that fixes it but if not ill just wait for a response here.....

and dont tell me to google search it because do you really think this would be the first place i would come.....not to do the obvious then get ed at by 12 year olds.

well i hope one of you can help me and if not well this game i have tf2...........
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Integrated graphics cards are not really built to handle gaming.

And, hate to say it, but you should definitely google your chipset and 'medal of honor' and see what pops up - its possible that it is something as simple as changing an INF file, or something as complicated as mucking about with config files and custom patches/cracks

For instance, this thread (from google)

someone notes that you may have to force the .exe to run with what appears to be direct x 8 - not sure why, but it might be that your chipset just can't handle anything higher without throwing exceptions and/or errors.

Also, please note (also from google)
Medal of Honor*: Airborne* game is not playable on the Intel® G45 Express Chipset and the Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset.

Intel is not aware of a fix or workaround for this issue. Contact the game developer for updates, patches, or support.
It took a few seconds on google searching "intel g45 g43 medal of honor airborne" - the second and third links held two seperate answers to your question.

And for your information, I'm 22, not 12 - and I still tell you to just bloody google it first.

Also, you don't have a video card - you have the intel G45 integrated chipset, which is an integrated graphics card. If you have the money and the know-how, go out and buy a cheap 8/9 series nvidia card or equivalent ati card for under 100$ and play your games with some quality
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