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Advanced AI Orders

There are some advanced AI orders under the tactical menu, and here's a guide how to use these:

Vent Decks: Will appear when your ship is boarded. If you don't want to lose your ship, but overwhelmed with enemy (or there are just a few crewmembers left), you can use this button to get rid of everything on the ship, including your crew members. Usually, after this, there are two choices if you get boarded again:

Self-Destruct: Self-explanatory (typo?). Also, the blast wave of a self-destructed ship will do double damage (thanks blorf). Will be useful later on... You'll see. OR

Request Emergency Crew Members: (can't really remember the exact name) To use this, first, you should be controlling the ship you want to make request to, then in tactical menu, you choose the ship you want to make request from, and click this. AI will come nearby, and launch some pods on your ship. You can now vent decks again.

Drone Mode: You can toggle this to whether launch drones or keep them at their hangar bay. Useful if you haven't gotten far in the drone research, you'll be able to release them batch by batch instead of one by one.

Mule Mode: Whenever your ships reach their cargo limit, they return to beacon, unless you told them not to. If this mule mode is set on, those ships will return the goodies to this, "mule" ship instead of beacon. Later on, will be useful with a freighter, a driller and 2 more ships, where you'll conduct a small mining operation to fill the resource banks. Although, be careful where you use this, because as your ships eject their cargo for mule ship to pick up, some other ships can pick these up (for example, mining stations can pick your minerals up!)

Turret Mode: You can set whether or not turrets will fire automatically or not. I personally don't recommend this with a ship like The Hammerhead, which only has turrets as main firepower, but with a ship that has only 1-2 turrets as an addition, you can turn this on. Also, while mining, turning this on is recommended.

In addition, holding shift key down will toggle strafe mode, and your turrets will face your mouse. If you are using a ship with all turrets, and automated them, you can hold shift key down to force them face your target pointer (mouse).

Fire Mode: This is important for players which want to combine weapons or use different mouse buttons as their fire buttons. By default, all cannon and beam weapons are set to LMB, missiles to RMB, and some others to MMB. You can seperate cannon and beam weapons, and by doing so, you can save energy while letting beam weapons to tear shields apart, and then start dealing armor/hull damage with your cannon weapons. Or, if you're flying a launcher ship, you can assign LMB to launch rockets. Whichever suits you.

I think I forgot some, but will update when I get into game again. Have fun!

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These are some awesome explanations. No love? Bump. Good work. Thanks a lot.
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Very nice post. I am sure this will help some people too

Also if you self destruct a ship, the blast wave will do double damage. I tend to always drive my dying big ships into enemies and pull the self destruct lever. Makes me feel a lot better to take them with me.
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Well, these could be a bit outdated, but I guess blorf would have something to add in that case :P
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