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Red face WASD

Hey great game but something that is making me stop playing it more often then not is the fact that pressing W+A or W+D on the keyboard is the wrong angle compared to how the playing field is set out.

A perfect example is the repeater proving grounds level early in the game. pressing either of these combinations ensures that if you try to roll for a speed boost you will roll off the level. I then have to perform silly antics to move fast and stay on the platform.

Please change the angle to match platforms.
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but I wouldn't play it with Keyboard + Mouse anyway as I am uncomfortable with controlling isometric games with WASD.
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I too did not quite like the WASD setup, and thus switched to my 360 wireless windows controller. The 360 controller is much more smooth and effortless in controlling this game. But I think you are right, they should probably tweak the directions that the character moves in when pressing the two directions together.
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i agree with this as well

The WASD controllers are good but can be polished a bit more:

Better diagonal direction
Manual Shield Control
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