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Mister Tickles
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Unhappy How do I install ACE 2, ACRE, patches, etc..

Hey guys,

I just got combined operations and I've been trying to figure out WHERE to get ACE 2, ACRE and the patches.. I googled and none of the links work.

Please don't simply LINK me to a forum post/web page, make sure the links to download the file actually works because they don't seem to for me.

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Mister Tickles
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I found this page for patches but I don't know which to get since I have combined ops on STEAM..

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Mister Tickles
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Also this: http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Releases#Downloads

But when I click on download next to 1.9, nothing happens. ;_;
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I think this is what you want?

Scroll to the bottom and choose one of the mirrors or direct links. It's the same for ACRE to just choose the latest release and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Here's the ace for CO http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/ACE_1_11

P.S You need to download each of these files;


(That is for ACE only I'm not sure on ACRE but I assume that would be one download/mod folder.)


Also for mods if you want to keep up to date with what is coming out, here is a good link to keep bookmarked:


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six-updater can help you.
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Here's Six Updater: http://six.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Six_Updater

Just DL and install it, then when it pops up, just press the green *Install or Update* button on the upper left corner to install ACE + all of the other ACE mods and it also includes Community Base Addons (CBA for short) to boot!

Then, then, when SU is done installing ace, you need to right click on your OA install, go to properties, click on *Set Launch Options* and paste the following in there:

-mod=@CBA;@ACE;@ACEX;@CSM2BAF;@LDL -nosplash

(Not sure if you need @CSM2BAF, forgot what that was for, just keep that there and if you get an error delete it from the launch path.)

After that, just boot the game up and presto! You have ACE! If you want more awesome mods that will change the way you'll play ARMA forever, just PM me and I'll send you a list with installation instructions. And if you want to game sometime, just PM me. A friend owns a server and we could use another person to play "A Day in the Life" with!

*EDIT* I would also HIGHLY recommend getting the entire ARMA II series, if not for the better graphics for PMC and BAF, but also you get new toys to play with! Like the Osprey from ARMA II!

*EDIT EDIT* Doh! forgot you said you also wanted to install ACRE. This is what you do: DL ACRE to anywhere you want on your pc, and extract it. You'll see two folders, one called ARMA 2 and the other Team Speak 3. Open up the ARMA 2 folder, and copy @ACRE and @jayarma2lib. Paste them in this file path (may be different for you) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead

After that, open up your TS3 folder (Here's my file path to TS3: C:\Users\Nicks\AppData\Local\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins You need to allow view hidden folders to see AppData though) and paste in acre_win32.dll if you're running a Windows 32bit OS or acre_win64.dll if you're running a Windows 64bit OS.

Then, open up the Launch Options for ARMA II OA again, and change it to this:

-mod=@CBA;@ACE;@ACEX;@CSM2BAF;@LDL;@ACRE;@JayArma2L ib -nosplash

Almost done now! Just open up TS3, click on settings, then plugins, and check ACRE. If ACRE doesn't work all that well, just go to your TS3 plugins folder, delete acre, and put the other acre DLL in there. So if you're having problems with ACRE for 64bit Windows, delete it and put in the DLL fro 32bit Windows.

Boot up ARMA II OA and you're done!

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Andrews RG
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This video is a great guide to help you get started.

Hope it helps you guys out!

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