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The "rescue 150 Darwinians" requirement...

I was in "Containment" and one of the requirements was to rescue 150 Darwinians.

I have no problem cleaning up the islands, but due to a bit of prioritization problems (didn't clean some of the virii, oops) lost a few engineers and the incubators didn't get enough souls to build enough Darwinians. I think I ended up with about 115/120, a wee bit short of 150 needed.

And of course, there are no more enemies around.

I've searched every pixel on the islands and I've gathered up every last darwinian I can find. There ain't any more.

Does that mean I have to redo the entire area?
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Apparently the answer is "yes, you do".

So I went ahead and did it.

NOTE to players: use a squad to clean up, and go straight for the incubator, kill all virii and centipede along the way. Once you cleaned up the area, summon engineer to "reprogram" the incubator, then it can collect souls for recycling. Do NOT hesitate, or you'll end up losing souls. They don't wait around forever.
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I just got the game, too, and I discovered this as well. The enemies don't seem to respawn, so if you don't get the "souls" quickly they're gone forever & you have to replay the map from the beginning.

I've been very disappointed in this game. The pathfinding is TERRIBLE. I can't tell you how many Darwinians get stuck around incubators and other buildings. I'm really frustrated with that & I don't know if I'm gonna play it anymore.
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Some of the darwins around the starting area of containment dont count unless their under the tree.

So if your a bit short try ordering some of the roaming darwins around the center area.

What i did on my second play through was create a long line of Officers to redirect the darwins at every turn so all i had to do was collect viral souls for the incubator then every darwin that popped out went directly to the center. The rest of the level is a cakewalk.
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Thanks for the tip, I'll try that.
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It's actually nearly "a must" strategy to create loops for Darwinians to follow, so that they don't run away too far. Eg. place 1 officer to each incubator, and direct him to send darwinians to a nearby incubator, so they loop endlessly between the two officer. Then, once you know where you want to use them, just redirect one of them temporarily and they will go where you want.
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I was lucky enough to get 149 darwinians, which was enough
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Originally Posted by raphael75 View Post
I just got the game, too, and I discovered this as well. The enemies don't seem to respawn, so if you don't get the "souls" quickly they're gone forever & you have to replay the map from the beginning.
This is not true; I've just got the game today, and although it's taking a little while to work out how it goes through trial and error, I've just completed Containment after my first try and no you don't need to worry about losing any.

Observe this screen shot, taken on the final island with the wandering spider-monster;


Clear out the island of virii first, using 2 or 3 Squads if you want. When a Squad isn't selected it will defend itself just with lasers, so you don't have to worry about them throwing grenades about and risking killing the spider. I'm not sure you actually can kill on this level for that matter, you can kill it on the level before, but this one seems to deliberately be there to help you get more Darwins, the Professor even mentions this... but anyway, once the island is clear of viruses, delete one squad and leave the other in the middle of the valley as shown.

From here the spider will hover above you and keep laying eggs, which the Squad will constantly destroy, releasing a Soul. Now place an Engineer in the Squads control circle, and take over the Incubator at the back. Return it to the Squad and it will start automatically harvesting the Souls in complete safety, as the squad kills the eggs too fast for any Virus to hatch and threaten it.

There's a small frustrating bug in that you can't build an Officer if there's a full cap of other units out already, hence deleting one Squad if you were at 3, because now we'll simply use Officers at every step to create a perfect path back. Notice in the screenshot I've got one immediately outside the door the Darwins leave at. He's directed towards the next hill, where you can see a second Officer waiting to point them from there into the teleport beam. Make sure the new Officer is more or less on the square the previous one's course ends.

It's up to you now which path you take; I went back across the safety tree to the right, as it was a shorter walk, and avoided having to take another teleporter. When the first of the Darwins leaves the teleporter at the other end, make him an Officer and point him towards the next hill... The first batch of 10 is easily enough to waypoint the entire course back. Here's how I set it up;


Notice that last one is right next to the small gate to the safety zone; this ensures any who try and wander out again are forced to walk the final step back towards the tree again.

The Engineer will now be feeding 10 more into the course every minute or so, and if you've already moved the Darwins from earlier in the level to safety you should already be at around 120 saved, so it's literally 3 quick harvests and done from here. Even if some do wander off, the spider doesn't stop laying eggs until the level is complete (which is what makes me suspect he's there for that very reason) so it's simply a case of waiting...

If some do wander off a little, remember you can move a mobile Officer about to scoop them up and send them back to a waypoint; or even set yet another Officer as an intermediate way point, to ensure they get around a particular obstacle; the more you order them about the less likely they are to wander off. You can see two of mine had wandered out the starting zone and weren't picked up when I first set up the course, whilst the rest are following it pretty well because each point is in clear line of sight of the last...
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Best tactic throughout the game is to send engineer's from the level start to any free nodes to activate them just take wide routes to that points. That way say in level Containment you can can easily activate the yard node straight away and get a squad working at the generator, respawning engineers at the squad while you clear and once the engineer drops of its souls destroy it and make another at the squad. You can rack up 150 souls in no time.

Oh nearly forgot get the research node first, I had to go round clockwise to reach it activating nodes as I passed them.
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Originally Posted by alcator View Post
so they loop endlessly between the two officer
Actually it's much, much easier to stick the Officer's waypoint at, say, the exit to the incubator, then have the Officer walk over and stand on his point. Darwinians exiting the incubator will pick up the order to move to that point, be there, and being right next to the same Officer will continue to receive the move order.

This is also a much more compact tactic than the Rally order you receive in higher ranks of the Officer. While Rally is useful to call Darwinians from a distance, they will wander much further away before returning to the circle. With Officers pointing at an Officer with the move-to-this-point-I-happen-to-be-standing-on order, you can gather Darwinians from anywhere you like to one tiny spot and deploy them all at once after you've secured various areas.
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