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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory doesnt start on windows 7 please help

So I installed Splinter Cell Chaos Theory(non steam, orginal DVD) on my computer but it wont start because i have windows 7. I read something that splinter cell chaos theory is only supported on windows xp.
Some on know how i can play splinter cell chaos theory on my windows 7 64x bit computer?

If i buy it on steam it will work maybe then on my computer? because non steam Splinter cell doesnt work for me

Please help, i'm a big splinter cell fan :/
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In win 7 64, I believe that only with a crack . The usual crack to the game and pacht 1.05 . It is a incompatibility of Starforce . I just install the game to tried InyectSMAA 1 antialeasing and work fine ... excelent


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Old 12-04-2011, 10:14 AM   #3
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As oritxupolite said, you have to..."modify" your original CD version to play it in an x64 OS (Vista and 7 should work, if they're the x86 versions). Starforce is the driving cause of this. I should know, I had to wait a whole year after switching to XP Pro x64 before I could play Chaos Theory again, as it took that long for a "patch" to appear.

I begged and pleaded with Ubisoft for months, even just for them to update the version of Starforce in the game. No response. The only choice is to repurchase through digital download (such as Steam), or downloaded a modified executable.
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Old 01-23-2012, 04:37 AM   #4
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Yeah, it's Ubisoft's bloody DRM striking once again. I sent in a support ticket and they told me I'd need to repurchase the game again and to open my eyes and actually read the system requirements on the box. Ubisoft told me they were under no obligation to support any systems besides those listed.
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I seem to have found a way to work. At least for me. What I've got is the 1.05 us patch and the no dvd eur/aus. Did everything everyone was saying and it still wouldn't work. Then I remembered a trick I read online to install another Ubi game with the protection garbage. I tried it on the other game and it worked. So these are both ubi games with their stupid DMR, so I figured I try this trick with this game and it worked perfectly. Very simple. Go into the chaos theory file, then into the systems file where the no dvd replacement was put, go to the replacement and simply change the name. I just added a 1 to it so now it's splintercell31. Close and play. Don't know if it will work for everyone but it did for me. Good luck.
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I use a Virtual Machine (VM Ware), these are really usefull because they allow you to install and run an operating system virtually, it is essentially a brand new computer that shares the same hard drive and runs through a window on your real computer. Virtual Box is a free Virtual Machine created by Oracle (currently own Java). All you need now is a copy of Windows XP or 2000 since they are the OS that Splinter Cell Chaos Theory run on. Install it onto Virtual Box, launch it and BAM! it's all fixed.

See you around,

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