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What next?

Anyone else think the game could have benefited from a more 'open' ending? I personally think it might have been a nice addition to perhaps have to work your way back to detroit/sarif industries and be able to go back to the two main hubs and experience first hand the effects of your broadcast. As well as tying up a few loose ends with sarif etc. Would this take away from the mystery?
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I think it'd be nice to be able to go back, but I think it's not that easy. Anyway, it would have been nice.

In the grand scheme of things, what we do is meaningless though, as is the curse of many prequels...
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There will be a definite squeal if the game makes a profit for square enix. I would love a yearly game on the same engine. It does not bother me. There is a gap between this and deus ex so its possible for a sequal that starts off where this game left off and end with JC and Paul joining UNTACO.
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