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Question Game won't start at all.

It does the first time setup, takes forever, instantly closes and then the "Steam - Update News" window pops up. Every time. I have no idea what's wrong. Breath of Death VII does the same thing if it helps.
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Is it lagging at all? Even though I've got a beast pc the start up lags about 25 seconds before the game actually starts.

Do you have ms .net framework installed? I believe the game requires it to run, and if you do have it try reinstalling it, good luck
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I have the exact same problem. No, it's not lagging, nothing even shows up. I can wait 10 minutes, nothing happens.

Reinstalling .net and XNA did not help, and neither did reinstalling the game itself. Breath of Death has the same issue.

Any help?

Update: Tried repairing my .net framework 4 installation instead of reinstalling. This gave me the notification "Repair did not succeed because: Fatal error during installation. Please see log file."

The log file tells me "Final Result: Installation failed with error code: (0x80070643), "Fatal error during installation."

So I tried uninstalling and then installing fresh again. Now this happens every time, I can't even reinstall .Net Framework 4 anymore. So at this point it seems to be a technical problem on my end, but I have no idea how to fix this, so maybe someone here will be able to help.

Update - FIXED Apparently my Windows Installer had become irreparably corrupted. Don't know how it happened, but after reinstalling my OS, it's working fine now. Pretty damn fun games, didn't think it'd be worth reinstalling but I'd say it was.

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I'm not having exactly the same problem - instead, it's insisting the game is unavailable.

Before you start saying things about localization, I live in the US, so I'd like to imagine it's supposed to be working...

To add to the weirdness, Breath of Death is, in fact, working.
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I had the same problem, but I fixed it by repairing my .NET framework 4 install, restarting (if you don't you can't install XNA), and manually installing XNA. Simpler than completely reinstalling windows
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What was the process for repairing your .NET framework?

I'm having the exact same problem. Both games hang when trying to start, failing on the first time start up .net framework stage thingy.
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I was having the same problem as you guys (the corrupted .NET file, as I couldn't repair mine). Get that error code and look it up on Microsoft's site. They have a fix for it. A lot better than having to reinstall your whole damn system.
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