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Question From Dust just downloaded a patch (via it's own launcher) but no visible changes?

Hi all,
I've just fired up From Dust and today, at the bit with the From Dust & Ubisoft logos where it says "Checking for updates", instead of carrying straight on into the Ubi launcher, it downloaded a patch of some sort. Whatever it was wasn't too big as it only took about 5 seconds on a 10Mb connection.

I was hoping it would finally be something to sort the DRM I was tricked into having (I only pre-ordered after it was confirmed the DRM would be a one off activation - never, ever, trusting Ubi again) or even something that would address the gameplay issues, but nothing seems to have been changed at all.

The FPS is still 30, cut scenes are still un-skippable, the controls are still awkward, there are no new gfx options, and the game still won't launch without an internet connection present.

I can't see any statements that a patch has been released, and they said about 2 weeks for the DRM fix (think we're 1 week in?) so anyone know what the download was?

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