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Wasteland Angel press

For those that want to learn more about Wasteland Angel please see the links below.

“When Wasteland Angel hits Steam, though, it should be easy for it to find a niche among players who like their games a little more on the arcade side. There are a whole lot of mutants and crazies to blow up, and Wasteland Angel provides a lot of fun ways to do so.”

“…if you’re the type obsessed with high scores there looks to be a decent amount of replay value for you here.”

“…the first of many boss-battles that will be present in the final game, and though not particularly challenging, was pretty fun due to the variety it offered.”

“Is it wrong to be in love with an Angel and a Gypsy? If so then lock me up because Wasteland Angel is a game that has captured my heart. Keep an eye out for this one. As long as it is reasonably priced, this is a must buy game.”

“The gameplay takes the form of a combination between a steered third-person shooter and a defense game.”

“Wasteland Angel is a neat little action game, it seemed a bit short in length, but the action is fun and the scoring system will keep you hooked in.”

“Don’t expect the world from Wasteland Angel; it’s an arcade blaster romp for good clean fun, that’s it. Fans of top-down shooters and mindless fun could well enjoy this Mad Max adventure with a feisty heroine and great comic book scenes to boot.”
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