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This game does not have multiplayer

Don't be fooled into thinking it does.

Steam states that it has 'multiplayer'

Yes, it has hot-seat. No, I don't call hot-seat multiplayer.

Remember Micro Machines in the 90's? It had hot-seat. It also had genuine multiplayer. You could actually have more than one human at the same time! That was 15 years ago. You'd think no game developer would be dare try to take PC gamers back 15 years right? Not these guys. So you're a PC gamer? That means you're second rate material. Go buy and Xbox and share your controller. TCP/IP is just so 1999.

I read some stuff about multiplayer being introduced in a sequel. Guess what? I'm not going to buy that sequel. For one; this is an Xbox port. It has horrible Xbox controls written all over it. Why the hell is the mouse inverted? If I wanted to play Xbox, I'd own one. Second; I bought this because Steam promised multiplayer. The game fails to deliver. Hotseat still means there's only one player playing. Just because I have an audience doesn't make it an orgy. Not even when they all take turns copping a feel. Third and probably most damning; bugs are still present a year after the release. One is game breaking. I can't even finish the bloody tutorial.

I'm not buying anything by this developer any more. Neither is the guy that bought it with me thinking we could play it together. Indy-dissapointment of the year.

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Lunar Giant Studios
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We're sorry you find our game so disappointing. I'm sure it's frustrating to buy a game thinking it'll have one thing, and then finding out that it doesn't. I'd just like to point out that on our game page we state the following:

Key Features:

Challenge your friends in up to Four Player Hotseat Multiplayer
Delve Deeper is about having fun with your friends. It's based off of "beer and peanuts" kinds of old board games, and that's the feel we hope comes across to many of the other people who enjoy our game.
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Lunar Giant Studios
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I'm truly sorry you found the local/hotseat multiplayer misleading. I really wanted to include networked multiplayer, but being our first game, we failed to plan for it. As the game grew over a period of nearly 2 years, it became an impossibility. It became a project that would take longer than making a whole new Delve Deeper, where we could add many new features in response to all the positive feedback we received. We hope everyone looks forward to Delve Deeper 2 with networked multilayer being just one of many new features.
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Why does the store page only say Multiplayer under game details, when Steam has a "Local Multiplayer" category....
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Might not be optimal, but you can play the game over teamviewer in hotseat, just let run in windowed mode .
If you have voice-chat like TS, Steam or Ventrilo, it can still be fun .
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