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where the communication from valve

is it just me or is there very little resonse from valve on any of these issues? im about ready to bail out of this whole game
ive been a dedicated player /server admin since the game came out, first there was the necessity to change all the rcon commands for whatever reason , now the updates are killing us too. then it seems to me when they do change this stuff theres no documentation at all or its very hard to find. they through
us a hardball when they shut out the anti-cheat guys a while back and made it so only vac would work, now it seems they are purposely making it so our admin tools wont work either, whats the friggin deal here, its frustrating and a lot of us have spent a hell of a lot of $$$$ on all of this garbage, now im sure the guys at valve could give a crap less about a few admins complaining
but some kind of response to all this havoc lately might go a long way

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Its all been said before.

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