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TF2 major problems

I seem to have 3 major problems. (to me at least)
The first appers to be a resolution problem - up until 2 - 3 days ago I was running at a normal 27-inch resolution but suddenly the option for it disappeared, an now I run a really crap 4:3 aspect ration instead of the normal 16:9 (even though it is set to 16:9) an at a mesaly 1600x1200 or somthing simler.
The second problem is a always get a high ping no matter what I do, I tried running of all Internet exept tf2 and steam, I tried to connect to servers hosted in bribane, Australia (I live near ther) an on servers around the world and there is no diffrece, I even contacted our provider and he couldn't help, (btw I'm on brodband ADSL2 4000 kph an a total of 100g of data.
And the final problem is the maps that I want to play on that are not official, when I go to play it says missing map and it disconnects and slows down rapidly(I run a 27-inch desktop with 4g ram that I over clocked(fine tuned to go faster))
If I can have any fixes or help would be most helpful.
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