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Dead Island Gives error when trying to start

Hey I just bought dead island last night and when I went to run it, windows error reporting came up and said it couldn't run. I deleted it and re-downloaded but when i tried again this morning same problem. The shortcut is a blank icon.

Extra info: During the first install attempt, it was stuck on step 2, at which point i clicked cancel because i thought it was frozen (10+ mins on step 2). Could this be where teh issue started?

Also, I went into the install folder to see if I could run from there and this is the message I received:

Never mind now when i search for my files they apparently arent even there. But it had told me a .dll was missing.
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6. Secondary Installers

Many Steam games include installers for features and services required by the game. These include installers for DirectX, PhysX, Games for Windows Live, C++ components, or Windows updates required by the game.

Steam is designed to run these installers when the game is first launched. If an installer is canceled by a user or prevented from running by another application on your system, the game may not launch correctly. If this occurs, these installers will need to be launched manually.

These installers are found in the game's installation folder, or a subfolder, found in the following location by default:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\<game_name>\

Note: Your installation path may differ from the above location.
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Try to verify the game files.

Support Article: Verifying Game Cache Files (GCF)
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Sorry for wasting your time guys I guess i shoulda done more research I was just in a rush to get to school, so I wanted to see if I could get an answer by the time I was home. Thank you for the info I'm running the installers now hope it works!
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