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Patch 4 (9.9.2011) - Patch notes

Version (Patch 4) 9.9.2011

- CTD Fix when using windcharm (if the charm was the last usable item in the inventory)
- CTD Fix that occasionally occurs on load game
- Patrolling enemy units fixed (occasionally would just stop and start twitching)
- Colonial commander now works as intended and heals the units near it at intervals
- Fixes to missions: Corsair FM6, Buccaneer FM 4, Pirate FM6 (Salty swill)
- Fixed achievements

- Left Click on radar marker / unit marker to focus the camera
- Right click radar marker to give move order to radar marker
- Number '5' selects all units
- Ctrl click in GUI deselects selected units
- Pressing enter skips in game messages
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Lightbulb Please add steam cloud support

Please add steam cloud sync for savegames of this game. I've been bitten twice by this now, thinking I can continue my game on the laptop
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Last update v1.0.6.8096 or not?
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