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New to the Team Fortress 2 Forums? ♫ ♫READ ME FIRST♫♫ before posting

Welcome, New Forum User!

Welcome to the Steam Forums-- specifically the TF2 subforum. Here you get to discuss all types of TF2-related subjects such as weapons, sandwiches, hats and complaints! It's a lot to take in at first, but please take time to familiarize yourself with the rules before posting.

Forum Rules

First and foremost, please read through the Forum Rules, and familiarize yourself with them.


Do you want to trade your hat for 2 refined? Nobody is stopping you, but make sure to post all trading related threads in the Trading Subforum (click me).

*NOTE: Failure to post in the trade forum will result in a infraction

Please stick all price checking threads into the trading department.

New to Team Fortress 2?

Mingle with new players just like yourself in the New Users / Training Subforum (click me).

Comprehensive TF2 Information

Do you want to know more about TF2 than the average Joe around here? The Official TF2 Wiki has all the information you need about anything and everything TF2. Please try to look up information there before needlessly posting a question that could have otherwise been answered via the TF2 Wiki.

Important Note: The official wiki can be found at wiki.teamfortress.com. Please make sure that you are browsing the official wiki rather than the unofficial wiki.

Steps to block the unofficial wiki from appearing in a Google search:
  1. Go to google.com
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right and click "search settings"
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and find where it says "blocked sites"
  4. Click on "manage blocked sites"
  5. Type http://tf2wiki.net/ in the textbox and click "block site"

Need Help?

Are you having issues with TF2? Is the game not functioning correctly? Did you accidentally delete an item? Were you scammed? Was your account stolen? Aside from simple technical support questions, most of these account-specific questions should be sent straight to Steam Support (click me).

Important Note: Your forum account is separate from your Steam Account and Support Account. Therefore if you do not already have a support account, you will need to create one in order to file a ticket to Steam Support. Make sure to fill out a complete and detailed ticket so that Steam Support may help you as quickly as possible.

How to Report Cheating

TF2 (along with most Valve games) uses the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system. Read more about VAC here. Usually VAC will take care of most cheating instances, but if you want to do your part in helping to keep the community clear of cheaters, please follow this link (click me) to learn how to report suspected cheaters.

Important Note: Please do not publicly post SteamIDs, Cheats or links to Cheater Websites on the forums. If you know any cheat or exploit websites then please PM a moderator. NEVER POST LINKS TO CHEATING OR SCAMMING WEBSITES.

How to Report A Server/Player In-Game

You can report a server or a player to Valve In-Game. Just hit F7

Reporting a server: type the server name, server IP, and the description of any wrong doing.

Reporting a player:
find the player's IP by typing "status" in the console. Copy the IP of the player cheating and a description of any wrong doing.

Contacting a Moderator

If you have questions, suggestions, or complaints please contact a forum moderator by sending them a private message. Please see this page (click me) for a list of all available Forum Moderators.

Now you're ready to start posting! Make sure to keep things clean, and have some fun!

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