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Lightbulb Toon Testing Mod

Not sure if anyone is interested. or if anyone even plays this game any more.
But I've made a "Mod", more like a file edit.
And what it does is change the xp requirements for your Character Level as well as your God Level (Skills).
So Basically it makes you max level and max god level after you have finished the starter quest in town. (about 5 mins into the game)
I made this so I could check builds and see some of the later skills without having to grind a few weeks to get there legit, only to find out that they suck!

So if your interested here is the file.
Just put it in your C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\loki\data\Competences Folder. But make sure you save the file that is already in there to a safe place. So you can Put it back after you've had a play

And a pic as proof.
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interesting mod and nice to see someone finally has made some kind of mod for the game , i really like the game and i always wanted to see mods for this game, but the game is not popular, anyways thanks for the mod
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