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Every time I download the game through Steam, my AV tells me that there are files that are infected and deletes them. Then the game won't play. I'm not about to download and play a game that my well trusted AV program says is infected. So I just deleted the game and won't ever try it again.
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What AV are you using? There are some out there that put out false positives based on one or more files.

I used to have issues with Nod32 and various games.

You should consult the website of your AV manufacturer and see if its a known issue with the steam install of crimecraft or something else.

Not all AV's and Security Suites are created equal and i've stopped using more than a few cause they interfere/mess with programs i KNOW to be safe and sound and virus free.

I've been playing CC for a bit now and theres nothing wrong, i'm guessing the AV is just too sensitive to one or more cc files.
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I've played this game and confirm there are no viruses are anything of the sort. I'd be amazed if Steam allowed anything like that on their service. Your AV is just giving you a false positive. You can safely ignore it.
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