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Feral Interactive put it here please

Please let them put borderlands 2 on steam. It would simplify the multiplayer so much. for the mac version
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feral interactive will not put games on steam; it's not an issue of valve refusing them. I sent them an email awhile ago concerning their mac ports availability on Steam. This is what I got in response:

"We are very keen to work with Valve. Unfortunately, the business model makes it difficult for us to distribute using Steam. As soon as we have a game, which will work with the business model, we will be delighted to have it delivered by Steam. We can't disclose any details, because our discussions are covered under an NDA - but there are issues around the commercial terms that are problematic."

My understanding of it is that Steam only allows one price for a game, and you get both versions from a purchase, (mac and windows) so FI wouldn't actually get any money. Also FI charges about 10 dollars more for their game releases, further complicating it; at least they do for Bioshock and Borderlands, anyway.

If my understanding is wrong; don't be shy, correct me.

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Might be possible for Boarderlands 2 (Mac verersion).

At the moment Steam's model doesn't make it simple for 3rd party publisher\developers who port gamese to other platforums. Hard to separate sales for one platforum PC and Mac. Feral Interactive would surely love to get share of each PC sale, but 2k is unlikley to split profits PC sales with Feral Interactive.
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