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George Romero Mod for Dead Island (Updated for Riptide)

Thank You For Your Support! The George Romero Survival Horror Edition Mod Won First Prize!

Latest: Riptide George Romero Mod Version 9 Survival Horror Edition (Added May 15, 2013)

Version 9 Survival Horror Edition with Add-On 4:

ModDB Download Link -> http://www.moddb.com/games/dead-isla...on-v9-add-on-4

Video of V9 in Action -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UadpIad6TPc

Original Data0.pak: http://www.mediafire.com/?66bmfj8yfw20s5q

Latest: No HUD Riptide Mod V3 (Added May 15, 2013)

No HUD Riptide Mod V3:

ModDB Download Link: http://www.moddb.com/games/dead-isla...riptide-mod-v3

Video of V3 in Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkSTmUklfQc

OLD Dead Island 1 George Romero V5 All In One Download: http://www.moddb.com/games/dead-isla...-v5-all-in-one

Game: Dead Island Riptide
Mod: George Romero Mod Version 9 Survival Horror Edition
Release Date: May 15, 2013
By: Adeno

New Optional Features:

- "Morality Mode". There is only one way off the island and every survivor wants to leave. Everyone is ready to kill. Will you help those in need or will you use them as distractions for the zombies to feast on?

- "Greedy Shops". The people of the island are trying to take advantage of the zombie apocalypse by charging ridiculous prices for weapons of survival!

- "Blades and Roses" mode. The men and women have become paranoid! They are all over the place and they'll use their blades and rifles to kill you!

- "Exorcist" mode. The women have been possessed by demons! They will set you on fire! Beware, they are very creepy!

- "Gunner's Island" mode. The island has been taken over by gun crazy women! Experience Dead Island Riptide as a true first person shooter!

- "Lilliput" mode. The little people of Lilliput have been zombified! Beware these tiny flesh eaters!

- "Slashers" mode. The women have disappeared and the men have gone crazy due to loneliness. They will use their swords to slash you to pieces!

- "Ammo Loot" - the zombies have arrived and the entire place is a battlefield! Fortunately, the inhabitants seem to be lovers of guns and ammunition! Those who have become one of the undead still carry around some leftover ammo!

Current Features:

- Zombies only die by destroying the head or somehow causing harm to the head.

- Three zombie ai versions: slow Zombies that only grab, slow zombies that can attack, and modern fast zombies that can attack.

- Zombie bites are fatal. Even slow Romero zombies are big threats if you let one grab you and bite your neck!

- Zombies will notice you from far away and will continue following you unless they encounter geographical challenges.

- Realistic Damage, weapon effectiveness vary, with smaller and weaker items not being so effective and weapons designed for killing more useful.

- You can now collect food and drinks instead of using them right away. Collecting food is very valuable especially when trying to survive against modern zombies.

- Increased zombie population in certain areas.

- There is now a No HUD option to get as close to "reality" as possible.

- Optional: Survivalist, War, and Special shops versions.

- Optional: Survivalist and Tourist inventory versions.

- Optional: Survivalist and Tourist realistic damage versions.

- Optional: EXP Rate versions: 25%, 50%, 75%, 2X, and 5X.

- BONUS: Matrix Mode

- BONUS: Athletic Mode

- BONUS: Level Chooser

- BONUS: War Machine

- BONUS: Ammo Loot

- BONUS: Blade and Roses Mode

- BONUS: Exorcist Mode

- BONUS: Gunner's Island Mode

- BONUS: Lilliput Mode

- BONUS: Slashers Mode

Table of Contents:

I. What is the George Romero Mod?
II. How to Use
III. Description of Included Files

I. What is the George Romero Mod?

This is a mod named after the "father" of the zombie genre, George Romero, who popularized the idea of zombies in his film called "Night of the Living Dead". In modern times, there are all sorts of zombies, ranging from the normal slow shambling types to the more imaginative hybrid zombie types that sometimes are powered by science and technology. The classic Romero zombie is the slow and typically dumb zombie whose only mission is to eat the nearest living flesh available. These Romero zombies don't care if their body parts get chopped off or whether they are headed towards the edge of a building. They will usually head straight towards their victim unless their path is blocked, and that's the only time they would either find another way around or just continue walking forward even though they can't make any progress. A good example of a beloved modern day story featuring Romero style zombies is The Walking Dead tv show and comics. This mod aims to get as close as possible to Romero's vision of zombies within the limitations of Dead Island Riptide's design.

Most recently, modern day "fast" zombies, as seen on the remake of Romero's movie classic "Dawn of the Dead", have been included as an optional part of this mod to make zombie fans of both slow and fast types happy.

Fighting System:

The fighting system has also been adjusted to enhance the player's survival horror experience. This time around, your ability to kill a zombie does not rely on the base damage that a weapon can deal with. Just think of it this way, in zombie movies, weapons don't have levels. A golf club will never be as good as a sword when it comes to killing a zombie. A golf club isn't the best weapon against a zombie, and it might take 10 hits or more to the head before the zombie dies unless the attacker hits the zombie in a weak spot on its head. On the other hand, a sword can easily destroy a zombie's head because it's a weapon designed to kill.

Different types of weapons have varying effectiveness when it comes to destroying a zombie's head. Smaller and weaker weapons like sticks, brooms, paddles, and the like only have a 10% chance of destroying a zombie's brain right away. Medium sized weapons of average power like sickles, cleavers, and others have 20% chance of destroying the head. Weapons specifically designed for battle like swords, machetes, axes, and big hammers have 30% chance of inflicting destructive damage to a zombie's brain. The extremely rare Legendary Weapons all have 50% chance of instantly destroying a zombie's head.

Dynamic Fighting Strategies:

This change in the fighting system also encourages different strategies when facing hordes of zombies. When just facing one or two zombies, it is very easy to kill them even with just a golf club or a paddle. Although a golf club is weak, all you have to do is kick a zombie down and smash its head. When zombies are on the ground, they become more vulnerable because gravity adds more power to your weapon as it comes smashing down towards their head.

Facing a big group of zombies is where the true challenge begins. You can't simply kick one down and freely smash its head in with your golf club without other zombies trying to eat you. You have to avoid getting surrounded, and you also have to control the situation by trying to put them down to the ground where they are most vulnerable. If there's too many zombies to handle, you might have to run for your life!

Different weapons provide you with different fighting strategies. Let's say instead of a golf club, you now have a sword like a katana. Since the sword is actually a weapon intended for killing and not recreational fun, it is naturally more effective in killing than a golf club. Even when faced with a big group of zombies, it is possible for you to cut their heads off even without kicking them down first. If you use a sledgehammer or something big and heavy, it also makes it easier to destroy a zombie's head without much effort.

Having a good mix of weapons can help a lot, especially when you're worried about your good weapon's durability. When faced with a non-threatening situation, you can simply use your golf club or another weak weapon to finish off a zombie. When faced with more threatning group of zombies, you can then use your better weapon to deal with the crowd.

Collecting Food to Survive:

Saving food for later use is one of the most important parts of your survival horror experience. You can now collect candy bars, chips, fruits, and drinks that will replenish your health whenever you need to.

A good example for when collecting food is useful is when you have to go from one place to another and the place is full of zombies. If you're playing with the classic Romero zombies, you might get to your destination with only a few scratches and bruises, but what if you decided to play with the modern fast zombies? Imagine running towards your destination, getting hit by running zombies every few seconds! There's too many of them to fight and it's too hard to shoot them in the head without one of them reaching you! Fortunately, you have some snacks with you so you find a temporary safe spot to rest and recover as you eat a little before making a run for it again.

II. How to Use

1. You must have WinRAR or WinZIP to "extract" the RAR file.

2. Before using this mod, please remove any other mods that you are currently using from the My Documents\Riptide\out folder. Other mods might conflict with this mod and prevent it from working properly. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section if you want to use mods from other people with the George Romero Riptide Mod.

3. Also, please make sure that you are using the original Data0.pak file located inside the Dead Island Riptide\DI folder and not a modded one to avoid conflict. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section if you want to use mods from other people with the George Romero Riptide Mod.

4. As always, it is recommended that you make a back-up of your Dead Island save files. Although using mods are very safe, it is always a good idea to make back-ups anyway.

Easy Installation Pak:

If you don't like getting your hands dirty and you just want to play right away, then this easy installation method is just for you!

1. Go to where you installed Dead Island Riptide.
ex. Dead Island Riptide\DI folder.

2. Make a back-up of the file called Data0.pak by right clicking it and choosing Copy.

3. Paste the copy and name it something like Data0ORIGINAL.pak so you can revert to the
default way the game is supposed to be played.

4. Pick a file from the 00-EasyInstallationPak folder that you want to play with and put it in the Dead Island Riptide\DI folder.

5. Right Click on the file you placed in the Dead Island Riptide\DI folder and choose "Extract Here".

6. It will ask you to replace Data0.pak, choose to replace it.

7. Play the game and have fun!

Folder Installation Method:

1. Go to My Documents\Riptide\out folder.

2. Create a folder called Data if you still don't have that.

3. Place DIR_RomeroModV9SHE.rar inside the Data folder.

4. Extract DIR_RomeroModV9SHE.rar inside Data folder.

5. You will see folders numbered 00 to 08 and a file called ZombiePresets.rar. The folders are:


*For detailed descriptions of what each folder contains, please read IV. Description of Included Files*

6. Since we are doing a folder installation and not an Easy Installation Pak, we can ignore 00-EasyInstallationPak folder for now.

7. The first thing to do is right click on ZombiePresets.rar and click Extract Here. It will create a folder called presets, which contains very important files.

8. Next, pick the type of zombies that you want to play with. Let's choose zombies that can grab. Go inside 01-ZombiesCanGrabOnly folder.

9. Inside, decide the rate of exp that zombies will give. As an example, let's choose 2X exp to level up faster. Right click on ZombiesGrabOnly2XEXP.rar and choose copy.

10. Go back out to My Documents\Riptide\out\Data folder and paste ZombiesGrabOnly2XEXP.rar in there.

11. Right click on ZombiesGrabOnly2XEXP.rar and choose Extract Here. You will notice that it will make an ai folder. Any zombies you kill will now give double the exp, good job!

12. Now that we have prepared our zombies, it's time to choose how we want our inventory, shops, and hud to work. Simply do the same thing as we did when choosing our zombie type. Simply go into their respective folders, pick a file, and extract it in the Data folder and you're set!

Congratulations, now it's time to play!

Switching From One Choice to Another:

Let's say that you used the Folder Installation Method and after playing for a while with slow zombies that can only grab, you want to play with modern fast zombies. Here's what you do.

1. Go to My Documents\Riptide\out\Data folder.

2. Go inside the 03-ModernZombieFast folder.

3. Pick one with the exp rate you want, for example, ModernZombieFast5XEXP.rar and copy it.

4. Paste ModernZombieFast5XEXP.rar back in the Data folder and extract it.

5. You're done, switching from one choice to another is this easy!

III. Description of Included Files

00-EasyInstallationPak Folder

DIR_RomeroModZGrabV9.rar - zombies mostly grab, realistic damage, special weapons in shops, lots of inventory space, no hud, collect food and drinks to eat.

DIR_RomeroModZCanHitV9.rar - zombies can hit, realistic damage, special weapons in shops, lots of inventory space, no hud, collect food and drinks to eat.

DIR_RomeroModZModernFastV9.rar - zombies are faster and tougher, can hit, realistic damage, special weapons in shops, lots of inventory space, no hud, collect food and drinks to eat.

These are pre-configured files that are ready to play for the gamer who can't wait.

* Please read the rest in the ReadMe.txt file *

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Definitely going to check this out! Lots of people have been calling for a Romero style mod so I hope you get good feedback!

Thanks for taking the time to make this.
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Tsukino Kaji
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If it's romero they need to have a learning curve that peaks at them using telephones and asault rifles.
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Thanks for appreciating my efforts lol!

Anyway I added a second version where the legs don't have the 0.1 value. I just thought that it would be better to just upload it so that people won't have to bother changing those two little values to 0 themselves.

Hmm yeah I remember Bub!

Oh in the video you'll see that someone tried to play with me near the middle. The person was able to connect and we even got to see that the person's a Xian. The person was able to connect but remained motionless for a few seconds before disconnecting. I guess this is one of the side effects of the mod in action, people trying to join you will get disconnected since they don't have the same mod. I really hope it would work if everyone involved had the same files, but that's just a guess

Anyway have fun all, feel free to use it/modify it, have fun in the world of zombies!
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I am particularly intrigued by the following bit of code & might include it in the Community MOD Pack ! Also you should post your MOD on reddit's deadislandmods page (that i linked too just now)

ParamFloat("left_arm_health_influence", 0.1) //Adeno check orig 1
ParamFloat("right_arm_health_influence", 0.1)//Adeno check orig 1
ParamFloat("left_leg_health_influence", 0.1)//Adeno check orig 1
ParamFloat("right_leg_health_influence", 0.1)//Adeno check orig 1
ParamFloat("torso_front_health_influence", 0.0)//Adeno check orig 1
ParamFloat("torso_back_health_influence", 0.0)//Adeno check orig 1

ParamBool("can_attack_enemy_in_vehicle", 0)//Adeno check orig 1
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Originally Posted by blinkstar View Post
Definitely going to check this out!
My first thoughts! Will check this for my second or third playthrough.

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I just added it in the Reddit Dead Island Community page. It's my first time to use Reddit, I hope I did it right lol!

Oh yeah, I left comments in the files themselves, I might have left out some parts that I also edited but there should be something like "//Adeno check" somewhere there (it's just a habit I do when modifying stuff).

Anyway have fun all happy tweaking
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Excellent work! I have been wanting something like this for a long time! In DI and L4D, so I guess DI beat it!
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Can you still kill them using fire?

Romero zombies can be killed using fire.
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Well done mate, I have been trying to make the zombies ONLY to grab you and changed a LOT of values but they kept trying to hit me as well. I will test your mod to see if zombies sill trying to hit the actor or only grab me, then with your permission I will winmerge and compare what you 've done with what I have done in the AI files and hopefully I will finish my mod.

This should be grat help . Thank you.
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Yup, zombies can still be killed with fire (since the fire will reach their head and roast their brains) and electricity. I think one of the zombies in the video I uploaded died after burning without me even shooting at it first. It's the one that tried to get to me after I threw the fire grenade near the middle of the video. I haven't checked if they can die puking their guts out since I don't have a poison weapon. They usually die from special effects when their health is low. You might have to throw 1 or 2 molotovs or that fire grenade thing to deplete their health to 0.

In the game, some zombies will still try to like fling their arms towards you but they don't really hurt. I'm not sure if they're really trying to hit you or they're just getting off balance, but it's like one of those "one arm hit" attempts that doesn't happen too often then they go back to stalking and trying to grab you.

And sure, go ahead and compare/check/tweak do whatever, no need for permission, they're just variables in the game anyway.

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Dunno how much I want slow zombies. I really do prefer them in fiction, but in a game setting it kinda takes some of the tension out knowing that you can just walk away from a zombie.

I think I'm starting to prefer 28 days later zombies how it's a new strain of rabies so it just makes people insane and zombie-like.
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Walkers with weapons should be kept in the mod , even since the first film in the black and white Night of the Living Dead .. they have been using tools .. the first Zombie picked up a brick to break the car window, and near the end the daughter Zombie used a gardening tool to kill her victim.
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wow this is both great and innovated

added to front page


with so many mods i can see i'll be playing this game for time to come.
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Originally Posted by spartan0078 View Post
Dunno how much I want slow zombies. I really do prefer them in fiction, but in a game setting it kinda takes some of the tension out knowing that you can just walk away from a zombie.

I think I'm starting to prefer 28 days later zombies how it's a new strain of rabies so it just makes people insane and zombie-like.
Same here, in the Community MOD Pack, I am using a version of the Romero Mod code so only headshots kill zombies. They move at the same speeds as always, and I left in all the special zombie types.

Skip to 1:28 in this video for a demonstration..

VIDEO - UPDATE 2 - Headshots to kill Zombies! & Other Changes
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