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Lightbulb Running JK with 3D acceleration in Windows 7


until yesterday, several attempts to run JK with 3d acceleration, especially paired with Windows 7 x64, failed for me. But then I tried something I've already done for games like Age of Empires II or Starcraft (Broodwar). Those games are known for color glitches while playing them in Vista or 7 and there is afaik no improvement while running them in compatibility-mode, for these glitches interfere with windows color schematics, which is also known for JK (at least in my case...). The trick is to simply kill explorer.exe, which could (should) be done with some simple batch-file like this one:

taskkill /F /IM Explorer.exe
Start explorer.exe
1.) Just copy this code in an ascii text file (*.txt-files known from Windows Notepad application - it won't work with office-documents, for they don't save their content as ascii-text)

2.) Copy the *.txt file in your JK-folder and rename it to "jk.bat"

Run this *.bat-file instead of JK.EXE and enjoy . Hopefully this works for others as well as it worked for me. The only glitch I've noticed: The main-menu won't display correctly, but tabbing out and in this application should be a simple workaround.
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That's not running the game with hardware acceleration, it's just a workaround for a problem with 8-bit color mode on Windows 7. You're still running the software renderer.

Hardware acceleration works fine on my machine without having to do anything. Windows 7, nVidia card, latest drivers with the option to use application settings (there don't appear any special settings for this game) enabled. Just tick the box and it works.
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