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Fear Itself
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Question Worth it for 5 bucks?

If I don't like strategy games all that much (but can play the greater ones).
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Personaly i thought it was pretty good, But i did find units moved needlessly slow for some reason, it seemed annoying but playable.

I played like 3 levels in the story, and then headed to skirmish / multiplayer (as i tend to do with most RTS games, so thats not a comment on the quality of the story). It looks nice, it has some great units and ideas, and played well.

I haven't touched it in years though, they may have updated it a bit since it first came out. Still good if you like RTS games but don't mind a slower pace.

Music was also awesome
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It was a great RTS, and a fun game. I loved the units, effects, graphics, and overall gameplay.

My major complaints that ruined online play for me were it used Windows LIVE for multiplayer/matchmaking and the community seemed non-existant.

For $5 or so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it even if it only gets you a couple evenings of entertainment - it's still worth the experience IMO.
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I have to agree, worth the $5. Still seem to be some gameplay issues that need fixed (mostly referring to storyline units, as I haven't played a skirmish yet to see if same incidents happen), but very playable.

Issues I found that don't seem to be mentioned anywhere on this forum, that may or may not relate only to the campaign:

1. Mesarie(?) units that jump back leave your active selection--very annoying.
2. Units that have a destroyed vehicle and turn into Avengers leave both your active selection and designated control group--again, annoying.
3. As mentioned, units move overly slow--seems the fastest way to get through the campaign is to strictly use air units, which is very doable.
4. Mesarie(?) Dark Mode is OP. Granted, they deal less damage, but that means squat when you're at unit cap.
5. Mesarie(?) commander unit cap seems to get stuck after 2 missions, not allowing you to train any more units, or carry over units from the previous fight. This is a huge bug. Easiest way to reset the commander unit cap is to go into a mission, have your commander die, then exit the mission and bring him back from the Global Control screen. Careful, though, as the cost to bring him back rises with each death.

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