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Talking WTF?

So I'm at around 50% in the game and I have pretty much most of the important characters so i decided to spawn as a bounty hunter (kad bane) in the central rebublic spawn-point (where you start). Instantly for whatever reason, I was catapulted up through the star destroyer onto the very top in space where upon I took a whole bunch of screenshots of me roaming around (eventually I fell into the hanger bay of the detstroyer and then after a while i fell into infinite space, where lo and behold it spawned me back in the glitched out cargo bay...wierd....and awesome!

Find the proof in my screenshot library:http://steamcommunity.com/id/cos15/screenshots/

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Good one mate
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Akward.... but funny. I wish something that weird happend to me. Only happend once on the Xbox, and NEVER AGAIN..
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