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For those with the AVG Virus Blocking issue:


I also had the AVG virus blocking issue, and after several attempts at clicking the ignore issue button, reinstalling, and doing a lot of swearing. I spent some time googling and got my game working.

How to fix the issue:

*Please note I use AVG Free, Version 9.0.914 so print screens etc may vary, but I'm going to assume these steps will fix all versions until told otherwise.

1) I first removed the game.exe file from the Vault in AVG. In my version of AVG, that was to open the AVG Interface, and go to 'History', and select 'Virus Vault'.

I then selected the one with the file path to iBomber in my steam folder, and clicked Delete. (Don't empty your vault!)

2) I then created an exception to the game.exe. (if you try running the game again after step 1, it puts your game back in the vault, so finish step 2 before trying again)

To create an exception, click on 'Tools' then 'Advanced settings...'.

Down the left hand side, click PUP Exceptions.

Press the Add Exception button in the bottom right.

Click on the button with ... on it, and navigate to the file, in most cases this will be:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\ibomber defense\Game.exe

Click Add.
Click Apply in the bottom right.
Click OK.

Now run your game

Print screen of the exception process beautiful sculpted in MS paint:

Print screen of my game running while AVG is fully operational:

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UGGhhhhhh!!!!. So Frustrating!!!!

I have tried both these "fixes", neither one works for me. (this PUP, or the "excluded items"), under AVG.

WHAT did work is last night, I un-installed <> reinstalled, and the game sparked right up and worked great, smoked a big fattie and played for an hour or more. No problems at all.

Today, it's back to the "sorry - your game is not available, pls. try your call again later" dialog box.

"THAT" is when I came back to the forums, found this PUP trick, tried, but I get something a little different, I'm running AVG Free Ver. 10.0.1410 (hey, its not fault I am running the latetest version),

When I created the exemption, I did not get or find the "game.exe", what I got (under Win 7, 64bit), was:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ibomber defense\OpenAL\oalinst.exe"

I cannot find a "game.exe", what I got was the "oalinst.exe"

& of course the same is true when I attempt the "excluded items" fix.

What in the world am I doing wrong, any help anyone, can someone at Steam not rifle off a quick email to the dev's, and say "hey, when you get a chance, can you take a lil look-see and patch pls.?

Good gravy,

PS, thanx thou trumpets, awesome post, I'm sure this working for you and others, me, not so much.
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ibomber defense\OpenAL\oalinst.exe

ibomber defense\game.exe

If you come back one sub folder there is (or should be) a game.exe
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Nope, Negitive, not a "game.exe" file to be found any where, I looked up, down, and all around, did a desktop search, Nothing! (so how does the game run!?!?!)

I even tried to enter the data you showed in your screenshot by hand, and of course it did not work.

It must be the difference between your steam folder being in "programs" where mine is in the "programs x86" folder, Wow, what a crock of crap!

Really wish steam or the devs could just fix the basic problem.

NOTE to everyone considering purchaseing "iBomber" DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU USE AVG!
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Yours has x86 because I'm assuming you're runnung Vista or later, where as I am on XP.

With regards to you not having a game.exe well the game shouldnt be able to run? :/

Do buy this game if you have AVG, and are capable of using AVG to remove program blocking... :P
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I've had iBD for a while but AVG [free edition] decided today to mark it as a containing a trojan :S
I just verified the local game cache through Steam & it runs fine.
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"Game is Unavailable" Solution (for AVG anti-virus users)

1. Double click AVG System tray icon(or right click and select 'Open AVG User Interface')

2. Double click 'Resident Shield Component'

3. Select 'Manage Exceptions'.

4. Select 'Excluded Files' in the list box on the left

5. Select 'Add' and navigate to the "Game.exe" file in the iBomber folder in Steam. This is where mine is (on a Windows 7/64 bit install):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ibomber defense\Game.exe

6. After excluding the Game.exe the game should run without any problems. If you can't find the Game.exe file then you'll need to reinstall (see instructions below).


If the Game.EXE file is NOT there, it may have been quarantined or deleted by AVG. Perform the following steps:

1. Open Steam and find iBomber Defense in the Game list

2. Right click and select 'Properties'

3. Select 'Local Files'

4. Select 'Delete Local Content'

5. After the game is uninstalled it will become dark gray in the games list. Right click the game and select 'Install'.

6. ** BEFORE RUNNING THE GAME ** - complete the first set of steps so AVG will exclude the Game.EXE file, otherwise AVG is going to delete the Game.exe again.

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