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How do you upload, or change the default Steam skin?

I hope this is a general steam discussion question.

When I first downloaded Steam in Feb. 2010 I was checking out the settings so that I could get an idea of the things I could do on Steam (I'm that kind of guy) and as I was looking I noticed I could change the default skin to colors like Icy, and Ground (or something like that)
I don't have the option to change my default skin anymore, so I was wondering:
How did I get to change it before? &
How do I change the Steam skin now?
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The old Steam UI (http://img.loldepot.com/c6bc769f6d09b4181ee5.png) had several default options, yes. The new Steam UI, however, does not.

You can change the skin by using custom skins found here:

Some of these may not be up to date. I suggest using this skin due to being more awesome and less clutter than the original Steam skin.

You can also edit the skin yourself by launching Steam with this:

Sets the 'developer' variable to 1. Can be used to open the VGUI editor by pressing F6 or VGUI zoo by pressing F7. Intended for skin development.
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Lemme copy what I wrote in this one readme for ya. It's how you add skins:

1. Copy the skin folder (named icy or whatever) to your steam/skins folder
(example directory: D:\programos\steam\skins)
2. Go to steam settings dialog.
3. Click interface tab.
4. Select folders name below. If you don't have any other skin
installed/applied, then "default skin" should be written there.
5. Click ok.
6. You should be prompted to restart steam. Do so.
7. The skin will be applied after restart.

How do I change the Steam skin now?
Basicly, you need to make and/or download one.

I've made a few anime related skins, you can check em here.

Also there's a whole topic regarding every skin:

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