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Smile Heh, i'm probably not the only one who saw it like this.

But when i logged in on steam for like, an eternity and saw the pop up updates, and saw the title of this mmo with the lovely anime-esque partner image, i instantly read "Busty Hearts".

Is this a weeabooish kind of mmo? Or is it actually worth a play or two?
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There's that word again...

It doesn't matter if a game has anime/cel-shaded visuals, if you find it fun, play it all you want. We're not judging anyone here, you know.
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not sure what is meant by "weeeaboooish" but I'd say try out the mmo. it has unusual controls and a "2 hand on keyboard" style gameplay but I say give it a try and you might enjoy it

I love it so far, and I hate just about all other free to play MMOs
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i wouldnt be throwing that that word "weeeaboooish" with a name with an @ sign in it, it is very contradicting

also define this "weeeaboooish" as this game isnt that in anyway shape or form
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Well at the moment I think she's the slowest character in the game. So I wouldn't start with her. Try the others first.

She only really has a good body but she doesn't use it to any sexual things as far as I have seen.

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The game has solid controls , it plays like a cross between gauntlet and devil may cry. Overall quite fun and the story line contains lots of trolling.

For best results play with a gamepad. I am playing with my 10 dollar rumblepad 2 and it is awesome.
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