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First Time Setup...Every Time.

Put in this question to Steam Support but I thought I'd ask it here too in case I get an answer faster.


I had two hard drives. C: was 60gb, D: was 250gb. C had windows on it, D had steam in the D:/steam folder, and all games were subfolders of there.

C went bad. I took C out, installed windows on D (which is now C) and re-downloaded and installed Steam on the 250gb drive into the same folder (now C:/Steam). So I installed it over itself basically.

When I go to play Borderlands, it does 'first time setup' every time. I assumed that this was because the files didn't install right somehow. First I tried verifying the game cache, that didn't work. Then I tried deleting files and redownloading. This worked, but now every time I load the game it does 'first time setup.' It does Microsoft C++ redistributable and DirectX (so 1 of 2 and then 2 of 2).

It will actually load Borderlands after it does this, so the game itself works fine. However, unlike the first time I ever installed Borderlands, where it did this once, it now does this EVERY TIME. As this process can take 2-3 minutes, having to do it every time I want to play the game is very annoying.

Please help me fix?


I should also mention that at some point in this process I manually downloaded both the Microsoft C++ redistributable, and Directx 9, directly from microsoft's website. I forget at what point in the process, but prior to that Borderlands would not load; it would do the first time setup and then the game wouldn't load.

Now it loads, but it still keeps doing that first time setup every time. -.-
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Try verifying game cache, that sometimes fixes errors. Might not help but it's worth a shot.
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I had a similar issue with another game. I believe I deleted the installscript file since the game was already installed.
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That did the trick, thanks!
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