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University Proxy

Hi guys,

I have recently moved into uni (Nottingham), and steam does not work. I have assumed its because of the proxy that we HAVE to use to connect to their internet, and on looking online all I have found is that its 'not possible to get around it.'

I am just wondering if anybody knows any work arounds? Or how to get steam to connect via a proxy?

There is no way I can turn the proxy off. If I do, then I have no internet access which kinda defeats the object

Any help would be great! It's not a life ending issue, but it would be nice to be able to play a game after a hard day of lectures etc, especially since I am doing Chemistry. A break would be nice every now and again :P

Thanks in advance
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I'm only half joking about this, but find the computer science or engineering department and ask the students. I guarantee you that someone in one of those faculties has figured a way around it. I wouldn't suggest that solution because there may be internet use policy issues.

But seriously, if no one on this forum comes up with a workable solution, just go to the universities IT department and ask if it's possible. Don't e-mail them because they will give you a canned negative response.

Good luck, and I hope that you find a gamer in the IT department.
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Haha, I have the same issue myself. If you find anything out please do share. Here they decided to block MSN, Steam, everything for us students, while the teachers network got access to everything.
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Yeah I may do that Grifta. No luck so far with anything online. I did think it was a long shot to post here, but you never know ey?

MSN doesn't work for me either. Skype and MSN were both not working, and then I changed the HTTP proxy settings via the Control Panel & Internet Options, which allowed Skype to connect. But MSN.. no luck

Will definitely post if I actually manage to get it to work somehow.

Anybody got some ideas?

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Typically you need to contact your network administrator for your university network and have them opened the required ports for Steam which can be found here.

If those ports are opened you should be able to connect to Steam.
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I did just that. Talked to my network administrator and he claims that steam needs to be shutdown due to "us students shouldn't be playing games during class time" although facebook is a much more major class time disturbance then that. (Since teachers and they themselves use it, it's perfectly fine to have it usable) And I could just use a retail game and install it and play, then what are they gonna do?

All i'd like to do is to use steam friends to talk to my friends on my breaks which can be long at some days.

Well, thanks for replying DerrickG.
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Workaround for talking to your friends/single play - use a mobile broadband usb or tether your mobile phone.
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