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Some suggestions...

Hi! I've played every MOBA ever created, HoN being my primary (over 1750 games played). That being said, I'm really enjoying Rise of Immortals. There are enough things different about it to set it apart from the competition and give it a reason to be played.

Here are a few things I've personally noticed while playing that I feel could be tweaked to enhance the experience.

1.) Possibly the most important on my list is player disconnects. Now, they're going to happen, unintentionally or intentionally (more than not, in this case). I feel like the way the game is handled POST disconnect could use some tweaking, namely in 2v2. In most games I've experienced, the other team is filled with players who didn't want to take the eight minutes to run through the tutorial, and, being free on steam, thought they would try out the game with no prior MOBA experience. So, they run into a tower a couple of times, and then leave. Having a 2v1, their partner soon follows, and I am left to finish a fifteen minute mindless tower push to finish the game.

My suggestion: Don't immediately end the game when they disconnect, obviously, for the chance at a reconnect in case it was unintentional. But how about a X amount window, say, five minutes? If both players on the other team disconnect and fail to reconnect in the given time, an automatic victory is given to the other team.

2.) Pathing seems very odd at times. Issuing a stop command and a move command in quick succession sometimes sends my Immortal off in their own direction. There are also times when I'm cutting across the map to set up a gank, or help a teammate, and I'm able to go through spots I don't believe I'm supposed to. There are staircases that you're not required to start at the base, but can walk directly into the middle of.

My suggestion: Obvious, I guess. Tighten up everything character movement related just a bit.

As I think of more, I'll add some through an edit or another post, depending on what I come up with. Remember, these are just suggestions and I am really enjoying your game.

Lastly, don't listen to the haters. RoI being F2P and available through STEAM is both a blessing and a curse. You get a lot of publicity and people are downloading just to give it a try. There are so many people who don't have a clue about what a MOBA is, or how to play it. They are good at video games, so expect to do well, but this isn't your run of the mill FPS where a crosshair is a crosshair. They will get stomped, and come on your forums to tell you how bad your game is. Selective hearing/seeing comes into play here.

Keep up the good work!
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