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Honest Hearts - Killing Follows-Chalk Fix!

So I recently started Honest Hearts for the first time, and was among a number of other players who ended up inadvertently killing Follows-Chalk after crossing the first bridge, and effectively butchering the entire DLC. It's a damn easy mistake to make. As a compulsive completionist, I was almost fretting at what I'd done. I've spent my time since then attempting to find a solution to the problem.

I've found a way to completely rectify it, and I'd like to share it for others to use if they need it. I've done some searching, and I don't think this fix exists anywhere on the internet. Usually it's a matter of simply restarting (which sucks if, like me, you had no earlier saves to revert to).

I'll do my best to make this as straight-forward as possible. It doesn't change the content of the DLC in any way. All it does is allow you to progress normally as if you never attacked Follows-Chalk.

When you kill Follows-Chalk, every major quest in the game fails and is replaced by Chaos in Zion. It's important that this quest and the proceeding one - Arrival in Zion - be completely removed from the quest-log.

To do this, you need to bring up the console. Type the following:

(The two x letters correspond to the order in which Honest Hearts is loaded according to the Fallout Launcher. For me, it was the fifth. So the two x letters would correspond to '05' without quotations. If you can't find out the number just mess around it until you get it right. Either 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and so on followed by the rest of the command code).

resetquest xx00ae9c

Followed by:

resetquest xx008893

These commands will effectively remove the two quests from your quest-log, allowing you to clean the slate.

You need to follow this up with the following command:

setstage xx008893 30

This will re-activate the Arrival in Zion quest at the exact part where it tells you to "Cross into Zion Valley".

Now you need to resurrect Follows-Chalk. All this requires you to do is locate his corpse (hopefully he's not gibs, as I'm not sure what the consequences of that could be. Luckily for me, his whole body was intact). Once you locate it, you must not resurrect him straight away. If you do, he'll simply attack you again. What's more, even if he doesn't, everybody associated with either the Dead Horses or the Sorrows will be hostile. So you'll be in the same situation regardless.

Therefore, you need to align each faction with what's known as the 'player' faction. Essentially, this just means that you're allying a faction to yourself. This removes all hostility. Type the following commands:

(For Dead Horses): setally xx00a926 0001b2a4 1 0

(For Sorrows): setally xx00a925 0001b2a4 1 0

This will make the two factions - and every important NPC - in the DLC to be allies who you can approach as normal.

Now you can resurrect Follows-Chalk. Click on his corpse, make sure it's been selected properly at the top of the screen, and simply type the command 'resurrect 1' without quotations. He should get right up, and you are free to speak with him, and continue the DLC.

I hope this helps. I know it did for me!
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Or you could, after seeing the all the quest fail notifications, reload your game to the autosave where you entered the Zion.
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Read the thread first, Xeno. I made a point of saying that some of us might not have the auto-save for whatever reason.
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two things

1. wow you don't save before starting a dlc, that's hardcore.

2. set him to quest essential status so you don't have two chalk up another accidental shooting. (Though I personally dumped him in the first safe area possible and only had him with me when absolutely necessary. Chalk is such a fragile companion, even armored up with decent guns and mammoth amounts of stims he is so easy to kill.)

p.s. animal friend lv2 is almost a required item as there are several areas chalk goes out of his way to run off shooting every single animal and having 98% of the Animals friendly and defending you keeps him tolerable for the few times you have to have him in tow to trigger a quest.

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I agree with you on both counts. It isn't a complaint thread. I'm not looking for your input. I'm looking to help others in any way who might not know how to deal with the problem. And there are numerous people who don't.
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or do like i did the first time i missed when i shot at him . and the second time i did the dlc i ran behind the rock that is just past the bridge.
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Surprised the problem with Chalk got past playtesting.

Might have been a little easier for him to shoot the White Leg from behind a rock, even if it meant not showing off his war club.
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