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Anti Artillery Tips

I've seen quite a number of posts here of people having problems with facing artillery. As one of ISOTX's developers ( yeah I know, they forgot to give me my shiny green label), I thought I might post a few tricks I devised when facing them.

TIP 1 : Horsebombers

Horsebombers are the best warmachine hunters a Marauder can have. They are fast, do decent damage and are resistant to artillery fire. Keeping a group of horsebombers on standby in your army until you're attacked by artillery is a tactic I often use. Don't be tempted to use them against other units, as the AI loves to target them. Keep at least 2 units on standby until the artillery shells start to drop. Then run them around the enemy army, using cover and elevation to evade fire, while your main army keeps the enemy army busy. The AI usually parks their artillery on a ridge behind their frontline. Once you get around and onto that ridge, it is happy bombing time. The artillery can't fire back as you are within its minimum range, and any unit the AI sends after your horsebombers is effectively a few turns only moving ( so doing nothing) because horsebombers are that fast.

TIP 2: Arty Lure

Most artillery units need to deploy before they can fire. This tactic is based on this. When the first shots start, remember which unit got attacked. The AI's artillery is now locked on that unit. Click on the enemy artillery that is now exposed from the fog of war. You can see their range now. Now move the unit ( and any other unit you have, only slightly out of range of the artillery. In the meanwhile, move some units to the flank. The AI will now undeploy his artillery and inch it forward (doesn't attack). In the meanwhile heal the unit that got attacked and repeat the tactic. You will soon find that the AI's artillery is lured out of his good position. Now rush in with your flanking force and you've got him by the balls!

TIP 3: The Sledgehammer

Unfortunately, this tip is more for high level play. This requires the Devastator or wrecker, massive units that are so tough, even concentrated artillery fire wont stop them from reaching their lines. They are also quite slow and shortranged, so keep a few repair trucks behind (dont worry if they target the repair trucks, that means your sledgehammer units werent targetted! You will need to kill off any interfering units though while sledgehammering. It is a very unsubtle tactic, but it works for me haha!
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Seems like some solid tips!
Thanks TimbiWan
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I only just barely scratched the tutorial before leaving for work but that's some handy advice thanks.
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10x These tips are great!
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Thanx for the tips.

Didnt know you could select the enemy artillery and see their range.
I normally just rush em with horse bombers.
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Thank you for an insideful advice.
Now any tips how to deal with cosper artilery? when theres more than one and you cant flank since to get to them you have to pass 10 tanks + infantry? Thanks.
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