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Little suggestion

I buyed this game and I think this is one of the bests games I have played. I recommend it to my friends but they always ask about multiplayer-kind modes...

My suggestion; I have seen too many games that withouth the multiplayer mode, they wouldn't be sooo popular like Terraria, but are still good singleplayer games (like EDGE). My suggestion is to add any multiplayer-like feature, it don't has to be online realtime play, it can be ghost mode to compete vs other users for example.

Also, I want to know if there are coming more DLC and bonus levels (both of them explained separately, not saying "we are going to add more content" and not saying if it's DLC or bonus) You have to keep working in this game because I think it could become one of the best games in the market actually if you add some features, and I'm not talking as a fan, I'm talking as a normal gamer and I hope and pray you don't abandon supporting and updating this really awesome game you created. Like other indie companies abandoned some jewells not pulished (like rhythm zone) don't having confidence is her game and community, I'm fearing this happens in some other indie games I like, like this one. I think you could sell a lot more copies if you listen my suggestion, just that.

Thanks for this game, and keep your excellent and brilliant work

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Thumbs up Response to multiplayer suggestion

I totally agree. Two Tribes should create EDGE MULTIMODE, allowing people to battle each other live in TIME TRIALS based on certain EDGE CHALLENGE levels. Up to 8 people can play and choose one of the 8 colours available for their cube. Their cube will flash white and their colour when they collect a prism instead of scrolling through the rainbow. ARENAS are just like TIME TRIALS, allowing up to 8 players, but instead of racing each other, the cubes try to make others fall off course by using falling tiles. This is just a suggestion. Along with the level ediior/modding tool that everyone is bugging Two Tribes for, this would be great.

-jack5team (search jack5 on steam)
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