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How do you get past 57 minutes on Survival?

My best score is 57.17 on the Volcano map, but I can't get more than this. How do you guys do it?

I'm using AA flack, lasers, slow goo, speed boosters, missile batteries, lightning guns, inhibitors; then laser, emp, fear, focus, fury, overdrive, instagib.

Not sure on the lightning guns, but I need something long range for the row behind the missile row (which is behind the front laser row). In between these 3 rows are speed boosters (so 2 rows of these). AA flack are in speed boosted clusters at the start so they kill all the aerial stuff before they get to my corridor of doom.

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Of course, soon after posting I get 1:02:47.

I dropped the lasers for pillboxes and made my speed booster placement more efficient.

Something like this, with path at the top:


P = pillbox
B = booster
M = missile
L = lightning
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haven't played this for a while, but got a few minutes past i hour tyhrough
- fear, disable instgib

at the end it was about delaying and moving them back, the towers were doing nothing

every second counts too!
had two friends playing with me so we tried to fear and disable no stop at the end
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I reckon a pattern like this works better:


X = whatever gun
B = speed boost

I like missile and laser for my main guns and then radiation, tesla and slow goo in clusters along the path in range of my guns.

Drop 10 turrets first and get them all up to L3 before you start dropping boosters.

Having said that my best is only like 1.02.something in coop anyway so hardly an expert
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