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X-Com Apocalypse, Windowed, Adjust size

Hey guys, thought I'd share what I did to play X-Com Apoc in windowed mode without a microscope:

1. Update Dosbox to 0.74

google...and I sent an email to steam, let' see what they do. This seems to solve most of the problems if you had any after downloading from steam

2. go to program files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/xcom apocalypse

3. backup dosbox.conf file

4. Open with wordpad/notepad

5. Adjust the following:

fullscreen= change true to false
windowresolution= 1280x960 (or whatever multiples of 640x480)
output= change surface to overlay

6. save

This way, you start windowed and everything's nice and clear

Hope I helped ^^
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sounds good; can anyone confirm this works?

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