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Wink Math Is Fun 1.01 (realism and fun)

DL http://www.mediafire.com/?dxjpz1y6hxec68y


put the files in DI/out/data/skills
(if the folder doesn't exist, create it)

tips: if door ramming doesn't work for Sam B, you need to open some menus and it will fix itself (hopefully).
********watch out for the save corruption glitch, if you have too many items(50 or so) in storage, your save becomes unreadable, this should be fixed with next patch.****

Basic desc:

*Players now have sort of character arc as they level
*Levels now heterogenously reward with: stamina, more HP, more SP, higher immunity to damage(since L25), sprint speed, jump height, inventory slots, doorbreaking effectivity and a little melee damage
*Fists can give you more xp and their damage and force get 4 boosts through you progress
*Default ammo capacity is 10 pistol rounds better than purna's maxed out used to be
*Purna now gains +20 pistol and rifle with Ammomaniac instead of 10
*Realistic acceleration and speeds

Levels Get:

*2 bonus skillpoints for powers of 2(including 1 which is 0th power of 2)
*1 bonus sp for levels ending on 5
*2 bonus sp for whole decades
*primal levels get 0,05 stamina, (default stam + 0,75)
*fibonacci levels get extra inventory slots(20 max without skills) to make looting possible with full loadout
*multiples of 11 get extra melee damage, attack speed, sprint speed, break door effectiveness and jump height
*2nd powers and their roots get hp bonus of that value(adds up)
*hp rise for first 20 levels modified, maximum HP is 500 for all
*from 25 received damage is reduced to make up for damage scaling and rebalancing(chars have equal hp since level 20)

Other Mod Details:

*"this is sparta" disabled.
*Quick inventory grows on even levels till it's 8, starting slots untouched.
*Movement speed through water decreased to make it more exhausting than useful, as in reality, however not all bodies of water count, shallow pool water makes no difference.
*Inventory grows till 20@L34
*levels 11, 22, 33 and 44 add extra melee damage and force (attackspeed didnt have anny effect) by 2.5%(=+10%)
*characters have their own stats and progress
*damage resistance multiplier offset: Purna 0 SamB +0.2 Logan +0.1 Xian -0.11
*walk speed: Purna 320 SamB 330 Logan 340 Xian 350
*sprintspeed: Purna 500-650 < SamB 550-670 < Logan 550-690 < Xian 550-720, maxed@L44
*jump height: Purna 85-102 SamB 85-105 Logan 85-105 Xian 85-113, maxed@L44
*all chars get:
*stamina, max +0.75@L47
*HP, max 500@L49
*SP, max 76@L50
*fists get bonus damage,force and critical chance on levels 11, 22, 33 and 50
*+40%XP for every kill with fists, fists crit damage bonus set to 15%

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thanks added to my mod lists

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