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Lightbulb Still Alive Parkour Mod (ME tribute)

Mirror's Edge tribute mod for Dead Island
0.7 Beta

DL Still_Alive_Mirrors_Edge_beta_0.7.rar


0.6->0.7 -Found out opening some menus will permanently fix the door ramming(I tested Sam B has some problems, especially if he hadn't opened the door before) in most cases. This brings the mod significantly closer to my goal.
-I Realised I could use your help with one more thing (read te last section)


put the files in DI/out/data/skills
(if the folder doesn't exist, create it)


-I tried to mimic the experience of being a runner as close to Mirror's Edge as I could, that means accelerating and braking takes some time, you can jump over obstacles (higher jump)
-you can run tirelessly and a lot faster than default
-levels exist, but do absolutely nothing else than refill healt, however it's redundant because of regen
-only one weapon slot and inventory slot (since weapons don't replace fists in DI and you don't really need inventory because you get a bank character in act 2)
-melee and firearms skills are level 3 (includes 2 unused skills), and ramming is 4(the intended maximum)
-shift is not needed for full speed, for ramming you need to be in run mode (so does motion blur). (run and walk acceleration is uniform by default, the game was practically asking for this mod)
-all chars always have headstomping, backstabbing, jump damage bonus and knockdowns(press rmb and immediately hit lmb)
-you don't need HUD or meds because health doesn't increase and regenerates completely.
-run doesn't consume stamina
-stamina is 4.0(up to 5x the default)
-throw range is 20m, 30 for Logan
-character-specific skills are now permanently on in their levels file(fury, xp, regen, coop, unimportant bonuses and most durability skills are unused).
-strafing, reverse and crouched speeds increased to support evasive maneuvers
-damage received is reduced
-complete fast autoregen
-no room for extra ammo, weapons are now disposable.
"This is sparta" disabled because it was severely breaking the flow
-FOV set to 72.5 for minimal clipping issues and better view
-bullet penetration chance is 0.6 (0.9 in case you're purna)


-only forward and standing jump give the maximum height of 1.8m
-you need to train yourelf for this style of movement, kinetic energy doesn't come instantly, you need to time your jumps and count with the space to deccelerate.
-the game doesn't excell in kinetic simulation on keyboard, so jump is good to keep your momentun for turning around mid-run.
-hold rmb and instantly hit lmb to trigger knockdown move, fists don't have a timeout for it because they're unthrowable.
-to duplicate a weapon, throw it and then drop before it disappears from inventory(confirmed in v1.2).
-To ram doors, you must be in sprint and hit the door with appropriate precision. (if it's glitched, opening some menus will fix it)

Recommended for suitable immersion(by priority):

-no HUD mod from here: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=2124341
-bind your inventory wheel to wheeldown (clicking mmb is kinda lame) to switch between weapon and fists
-any mods that increases weapon durability or gun realism.
-analogue combat mods that don't mess up questing
-mods that enable kick damage scaling and make it useful
-better loot mods


//a way to make door breaching minigame 100% successful all times.(it's redundant now that i have cure for ramming glitch)
-I need guns to always spawn with full magazine because you can't hold extra ammo and most guns spawn with only 1 round.
-Need to disable weapon spawns with too high level, or make all spawned weapons current level.
-If there is a way to utilize min jump height and attack speed parameters, I want to know how.
-Crucial part of ME experience are aerodynamic sounds, most sadly, DI lacks such feature.
-The footsteps need to be louder for proper run sounds.
-Motion blur needs to work outside of run mode(just motion blur(radial blur already does)).
-Run and generally hand animations are very lame, needs to be modded ASAP.
-If possible, the game could use simulation of movement tilting(look at GTA IV's animations), which would be ideal for realism and immersion, people aint no boxes(like most FPS games tend to treat em), they transfer the center of gravity to help themself move around.

Credits: made by Dhatz in 2011, you can use parts of the code or redistribute if you don't forget to credit me.

***WARNING***: contains changes to things as inventory and skills, intended for new game. Don't forget to backup your saved games before they get corrupted or incompatible because of a game glitch that breaks saves after certain filesize.

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sounds cool man!
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'Opening some menus'? what the hell do you mean with this?
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Video please so we can see what it does in action.
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thanks added to my mod lists

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Originally Posted by soulcipher View Post
Video please so we can see what it does in action.
my upload speed is palaeolithic, and I don't even have software that could record sound on my rig, unless someone voluntarily makes a vid, there's not gonna be any. It's not a graphical mod after all.
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Can't use the Mediafire link anymore, pls upload to the new host. I really love Mirror's Edge.
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