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Looking for Mercenaries Partners

I'd like to add some players who'd like to do Mercenaries Duo. I'm pretty new to it but managed to get A on Public Assembly as Chris (BSAA). When I tried to join a hosted game, none were available. I didn't bother trying to host because I didn't know how long I'd have been waiting.

Post your LIVE ID here and add each other on LIVE. More experienced players willing to be patient and play with newbies to Mercenaries would also be welcome.

My LIVE ID is RegulineGorgon9.
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Lord Mordeth
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Well, not that many people are playing the PC version of Resident Evil 5, though there are usually some folks around so starting up a game, someone usually joins so getting a decent game going isn't really a problem.

Of course that's for the campaign, for Mercenaries, eh.. well, found it increasingly rare for there to be any games running or people joining the one i made so.. *shrug*

Love Mercs, but the console versions are the way to go as there's always people to play with + the dlc/Mercs Reunion adds some much needed spice to the game.

That said, i suppose i could download the game for Mercs action, as should have all the characters unlocked and while Wesker lacks his special move, shooting up some Majini is always fun.
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I haven't found it much of a problem to get a Mercs game most U.S. evenings, though it's been a few months since I played regularly. (And you do have to wait, it's not so busy you'll instantly get someone to join you.)
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