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Which platform is best?

Hey guys,

Going to pre-order this game in a few, but i'm currently wondering which platform this game plays best on.

For quick placement of traps and such it makes me think i would prefer this on PC (for mouse), but then there's always the problem of keybinding with certain games that feel clunky on PC and smooth on consoles.

Anyone have any opinions yet?
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The controls are smooth and well done on the PC. The 360 version seems a bit more smooth in the sense of button placement, however is overall much more clunky feeling. I found that on the 360, I was inaccurate, slow, and cumbersome, where on the PC I didn't feel that at all.

The graphics are a whole other story as well. On the PC OMD is very nicely done, and looks cool, whereas on the 360 it is filled with jaggies and is insanely blurry (I use the first level as a test -starting point looking at the door from afar). This door is clear with very few jaggies on it in the PC version, and on the 360 version it hardly resembles a door. This same effect carries over to the countless enemies running at you from afar.

The 360 version (as well as the PSN version?) have a few benefits such as being connected to live and having communication with your live friends while playing, and the main benefit being that you can buy it now(came out Oct 5th on console... So those are the only two benefits I can think of (Steam version has more achievements, not to mention a friends list and chat features).

Sorry about rambling on, I'm very sleepy but wanna try to be clear... One more thing I would like to add though is that on the PC you can change your trap/weapon by hitting 1-8, whereas on the 360 you must use the shoulder bumpers, which means you will have to go through two or three items, just say, to get to another item you need pronto - on the PC you can just hit whatever the corresponding number is.
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If you're good with mouse, headshots are easy and they 1 shot everything in the demo. I was able to finish all demo levels with only the crossbow, no traps. Last one was a bit intense but its quite doable.
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The one with the mouse and keyboard.... as always whenever a game has a cursor requiring aiming and any more buttons in the game other then just movement.
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If you have a decent PC go with it. Also the PC version does have 360 controller support so if you have the PC hook you can use either.

As someone else mentioned the mouse/keyboard controls are well done and just feel smoother. On top of making headshots much easier. I posted a video playing one of the levels using mouse/keyboard to give you an idea: http://www.youtube.com/user/TekkorGJC

It's a fun game for sure though regardless of which version you get.
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XBLA is also a tiny bit cheaper.
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